The wheels have come off!

Somewhere, in the depths of my mind I remember reading that you should remain up beat and positive when writing posts. I am not sure how much I buy into that but if you are someone who would rather not read about my misfortune then stop reading now.

When I learnt that I had got into the London Marathon I joked that it would probably be the worst winter ever with months of deep snow thus making training difficult. So far we have not had the snow, wind and rain, yes but not snow. What has hit me this week however was stupidly not something that I really considered seriously…..illness. Yes I accepted that we would have the usual tummy bugs, that is part of normal family life but not a horrid chest infection that goes on for longer than 24 hours.

This morning I went to the on-call doctor (bless the NHS) who gave me a dose of steroids there and then along with a turn on the nebuliser. All designed to help me get some air into my lungs. Thankfully it worked although I can feel my breathing becoming more laboured as I type. The chest infection has triggered my asthma as luck would have it.source

I can run with my mind…..

There are 2 problems to this: 1 it is half term and I have 3 lively boys to entertain and prevent from killing each other and 2 the lovely doctor said that I should give myself at least 2 weeks before running AND then build up slowly. At the moment this news doesn’t bother me too much as I am concentrating on getting through each hour but it will matter. I will hate it. All that work that I have already put in, will it be all, undone?


I am stopping now before I go any further down the line. I have to get better and then work out the repercussions. Life is a challenge.


43 thoughts on “The wheels have come off!

  1. pippypoppy85

    Sorry to hear this Alice – I hope you feel better soon. Your health absolutely has to come first and whilst I know how frustrating it is, it’s good that you’re stopping – let your body recover and then build up again. I’ve had 2 illnesses since starting marathon training – a tummy bug just before Christmas that wiped out a week of running and then a bad cold/cough in Jan that took out 10 days and left me worried & miserable. However, I’m back on track now and you’ve got time to recover and come back xx

  2. youngatfifty

    Oh the wheels are just on brakes πŸ˜‰ and your shoes need some rest too πŸ™‚ On a serious note, I can understand this congestion stuff and asthma. The whole of last week I was down with this congestion, feverishness and recovered only two days back. As for asthma, I cured it with just breathing exercises after suffering for more than 10 years trying all kinds of medication and inhalers.
    Half term, kids and sickness is one combo any mom would dread πŸ˜‰ don’t worry, you will be up and running soon. Take care πŸ™‚

  3. Nice piece of work

    Ah, really sorry to hear you are poorly, you need to try and look after yourself. That means being kind to yourself as well, and realistic! There will be other races in your life, and you will train again and be prepared – just not right now. You need to put your health first πŸ™‚ (And hope nobody gets killed over there….)

        1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

          I am doing ok thanks. I was able to breathe a bit better this morning so have been able to enjoy my boys a bit more today. Have had a quick 40 winks earlier too. xx

  4. sue508

    Poor you!!! Us runners are great at giving advice and then ignoring it I know (been there, still am) BUT you have to think about the bigger picture. You are a great runner with plenty of miles on your legs, they WILL remember. As will your lungs. You have already built a great stamina base, be proud of that and remember that that doesn’t disappear. Our bodies are resilient!! Concentrate now on getting your lungs clear, don’t go out and delay recovery. Complete rest and spending quality time with your boys is what’s called for here, they need their mummy too! I have asthma too and the meds now are so finely tuned that you’ll get just what you need if you follow the Drs orders. Big hugs and try and be patient xx

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thanks for you wonderful words and the time it took to write them. All support and encouragement is greatly appreciated at the current time. I am sure that you are right but I am not really in that place yet, all doom and gloom. I will get there though I am sure. xxx

  5. lovelucie1

    Oh, good grief! I so feel for you. Try not to get down and see it as a temporary set back. You never know, you muscles may see it as a little holiday and come back all the better for the rest. You won’t undo all that hard work in a fortnight.

  6. KerryCan

    Oh, no! It’s bad enough to be sick and feel awful in the moment, without also worrying about the future effects of the illness! Like others have said, though, if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll make things worse. Good luck!

  7. Patty

    Really sorry to read all this…so here’s something I once read that hopefully it will make you laugh:
    “illness, like eveyone else find you irresistable” Get well soon! xx

  8. Hannah

    I really hope you feel better soon. Remember that all you have done already means your body is stronger than if you hadn’t done it if that makes sense. Don’t see it as starting again because you are fitter than you were when you first started. Take the time you need to recover big hugs xx

  9. feelgoodknitting

    Aww, misery. One of the ways I manage to keep myself from over training is by reminding myself how crazy I get when I’m injured and can’t work out at all. Unfortunately there’s not always anything you can do about sickness. If the doc says sit it out, sit it out. You don’t want to make your recovery take even longer! Yes, you will lose some of your hard work, but definitely not “all” of it. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon!

  10. musingrunner

    Count this as an early taper? You may come back faster and stronger for having the rest. Take care of yourself and get well. The training will still be there. Prayers for you.

  11. raphaele42

    Sorry to read you’re not well. As usual you’ve worked out the best approach: get well and then deal with the repercussion. It will probably be tough an experience but I’m also sure you’ll get out of ot with even stronger mental which you can use for all the other marathons you will run in the coming years. Feeling for you. x

  12. tgonzales

    Oh Alice! I’m so sorry that you are ill. I know you will rest and be ready for any challenge that you are presented. We are all hard working gals and that’s what gets us through. Love and Big Healing (((HUGS))) sent your way. Tamara

  13. Gertie

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re not too good. Try and get as much rest as you can. You won’t be doing yourself any favours by pushing your recovery too soon. Hopefully your boys will take pity on you and behave – you can but dream….
    Please don’t look upon the work you did before you became ill as worthless, its not. Without all the hard work you’ve done in training, your body would take a lot longer to recover xx

  14. thesheepshop

    Your body knows that it can do it now. A 2 week break will give it a rest and be better for you in the long run, don’t you worry. Hakuna matata.


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