A Virtual Hug

I have just read this post from Notsogranny. At the end I wanted to give her a huge hug. I so recognised the feelings that she was experiencing, in fact I had been so caught up in my own ‘problems’ that I had failed to see how she was feeling. (Bad, bad friend).


It is no secret that this has been a tougher than usual week for me and, yes, I had let myself get a bit melodramatic and caught up in it but perspective is a funny thing. I view Joanne’s life as a real achievement, something that is to be aspired to but failed to recognise that her life, like mine has its ups and downs too. Yes she has a wonderful family, built up an amazing business around her teaching, designing, tech editing and producing but there are times when burn out happens to her as well.

Not So Granny


We all get so busy, caught up in all sorts of amazing, exciting opportunities that sometimes it is hard to step back and remember who we are and what is truly important to us. My illness should not really come as a surprise as I had been saying for a little while that something needed to give. It turns out that this is my health!Β  I am a firm believer that everything that we encounter makes us who we are. I may have started today morose but I am not going to end it that way.

Last night I got out my wire and had a go at doing some wire hearts. I had a play and enjoyed myself. I relaxed a bit.

This is the biggest heart.

This is the biggest heart.

A middly sized heart.

A middly sized heart.

A tiny heart.

A tiny heart.


That is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed everything that I have been doing recently. I have. A lot. But I do push myself. Constantly. I am always trying to learn new things and take on something new. Even this week, when I was ill in my bed I ‘took the opportunity to have a go at Viking Knit’. Hmmm yes, even when ill I am pushing myself.

The beginnings of a Viking knit

The beginnings of a Viking knit

So, going forward I am going to try to step back a bit, and take a bit more time. I am writing this here so you can all remind me. Starting from now. I don’t think that I am going to defer my marathon. I may not be preparing in quite the way that I expected, or even, be able to quite achieve what I wanted to but I am not an elite athlete. I am going to go out there and enjoy myself. It is an experience that I am going to enjoy. I had a *cough* big birthday this week. Life is for living in the best way possible for you in the here and now. I am going to try to remember this. Always.


If you are having a wobble for what ever reason then please accept a hug from me. Life is busy, it even gets in the way but whatever you are doing try to enjoy it. xx


25 thoughts on “A Virtual Hug

  1. Margo

    Your post is quite inspirational and understanding. I keep going and going till it all gets too much for me and I want to drop. But there are so many interesting things to learn in life and it’s so short…what’s a girl to do?

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      It is a very hard balance. Life is for living and enjoying and I guess that is the key….enjoyment. Once it is not enjoyable then it is time to change. Thanks for commenting.

  2. KerryCan

    I think you and I are a lot alike. Even though I’m retired and have, basically, complete control over my time and what I do with it, I seem to constantly feel pressure (from no one but myself!) to be productive and busy. It’s exhausting! I will look to you for inspiration!

  3. notsogranny

    Rubbish – you are a most excellent friend! You forget that I am a pass master at pretending its all okay even when I feel like screaming. Main thing this week was for you to get well and you seem well on the way to that – you can listen to my moans week after next!
    And you are not getting off the big birthday that easy. You will be like the queen with an honorary birthday if I have anything to do with it.

  4. bekswhoknits

    Happy birthday hun.
    Illness gets you down. There’s no other way of putting it. But when you can rise above it that’s strength of character.
    Those little hearts are too cute.
    I could totally see them on a pair of earrings.

  5. Ali

    Sorry to hear to you haven’t been feeling yourself. I’ve been away for a while due to illness and just catching up with you. The fact that you are going to run a marathon is inspirational, you should be so proud of yourself. Your wire heart is gorgeous, I always find your wire crochet wonderful. Take care of yourself and enjoy each day as it comes. Sending you hugs.
    Ali xx

  6. Nice piece of workj

    What a great post, thank you. Laura at Cute as a Button has also just posted about the morning she took “off” to spend at the seaside and collect her thoughts. It also made me think of the article in Time (not sure which issue, but relatively recent) called The Mindful Revolution, about how people all over the world are trying to destress and reorder their priorities and focus on the present. Also, have you had a chance to read Maryanne’s latest blog post (Woolhogs)? You should – it has your name all over it! So you see how inspiring you are πŸ™‚
    Happy belated birthday. Hugs to you too.

  7. helen

    Hugs back!
    So many of us put unnecessary pressure on ourselves which added to the job and the family can nearly tip you over the edge sometimes.


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