One door shuts…..

There has been a lot of progress with the Chelsea Flower Show crochet which is really exciting although there has also been a bit of a blow. Squeaky Gate can no longer afford to go to the Chelsea Flower show. Some sponsorship has failed to materialise. We are not going to be deterred, we are going to continue and hope that we will be able to exhibit it in other places.

Not to dwell on the negative……here are some progress photos:

One of the designs.

One of the designs.

A tea pot...

A tea-pot…

Another design with some birds....

Another design with some birds….

There is a musical themed panal.

There is a musical themed panel.

Another has a sciency theme. I think I am right in saying this is a neuron.

Another has a science theme. I think I am right in saying this is a neuron.

A knitting needle.

A knitting needle.

The one that is the most advanced - well, lets be honest....nearly finished.

The one that is the most advanced – well, let’s be honest….nearly finished.

How amazing is this? Now you can see why we are confident that something else will come up. It is such an amazingly unique project, someone will want to show it I am positive.

36 thoughts on “One door shuts…..

  1. JenR

    I love the teapot!! And the panel that is nearly finished is beautiful. I hope you all find somewhere to display the beautiful work!

  2. jamieaaron03

    I like the birds, I love that you could literally tell a story with your work, I need to get creative again, I’m so worn out that I just mindlessly make shapes 😞

  3. youngatfifty

    Your finished panel had me gasping !!! That is simply astounding !! Needless to say, it has given me ideas for a wall panel …. This deserves a sponsor and you will get one just in time 🙂

  4. Gertie

    Was really sorry to read about the sponsorship for Chelsea falling though. Fingers crossed there will be some good news soon.
    Love the teapot, and as for the big panel – WOW !!!!! xx

  5. Ali

    What you’ve already created looks amazing. I’m sure lots of people would love to see the completed work, I certainly would. I really hope you get another sponsor. Have a lovely craft week.
    Ali x

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