So How Did the Half Go?

I have a new PW! (personal worst for a half marathon:() Last Sunday was the third Cambridge marathon. The weather was in complete contrast with last year (hottest day of the year compared to snow), the event was almost as well organised as ever (a small grumble about the bus) and the medal was as amazing as ever.

It is nice and chunky with real weight to it.

It is nice and chunky with real weight to it.


I have loads:

1. It was too hot.

2. I am not used to running and drinking (hence stitch).

3. I am not used to taking gels.

4. I was not recovered enough.

See? Loads. I am very disappointed with my performance but, in reality, is probably exactly what I should have expected. I set out at my normal ‘easy pace of 9.30 but was really struggling by mile 8. I went out too fast :(.

All lined up for the start in the sunshine.

All lined up for the start in the sunshine.

Questions, questions

Equally hard as the race itself was the day after when everyone was asking me how I did. I was almost embarrassed to tell people. I felt that I had not lived up to their expectations and therefore had failed. This is really silly as most people would not really think much of the time – finishing is an achievement and this is something that I am finding it very hard to remember.

At the end of the day I had ‘run’ a half marathon and was in one piece at the end, something that I was really grateful  for as there were many people collapsed along the route. Something that is not something that you want to see.

Looking forward

The marathon is obviously coming closer and I have a 20 mile race booked for 2 weeks. Will I be fit? I really am not sure. I keep thinking that I am going to just go and enjoy them although Sunday has indicated that I may not be able to do this. I have just looked up about deferring the London and have found that I can do this right up to the day before. I am a bit loath to do this in case I get an injury next year which would be game over but it is a good fall back. Between now and then I am going to do what I can in training and hope that I can increase my fitness levels enough to be happy with my efforts.

I started well yesterday doing an ‘easy’ 5 miles which ended up being at an average pace faster than the half the day before! As long as I feel well I am going to do 11miles on Wednesday and see how I feel.  I have rested today as I have been on a school trip (exhausting) and have now got a bit of a croaky voice :(.


I am going to try to be positive (and realistic) 🙂

18 thoughts on “So How Did the Half Go?

  1. KerryCan

    I’m sorry that you didn’t do as well as you wanted to. But your excuses aren’t convenient, made-up excuses that just let you off easy–they’re legit reasons for not achieving your personal goals! I hope you’ll remember that only a teeny fraction of people would even try to run such a race, let alone finish and immediately start planning for the next one! I think you’ve done something very impressive!

  2. Red Hen

    Haha! A PW! Fantastic! I must try aiming for those even more, sounds like a lot more fun than a PB! Honestly, I do believe when you look back on all your runs in years to come, you won’t beat yourself up so much. Instead you’ll be rightly thrilled to say ” I ran six/seven/eight miles” And more. And the time will be less relevant, and, more likely, totally irrelevant.

    Slow and easy wins the race. You’re doing just fine.

  3. Gallivanta

    Mmmmmm…….You rested by going on a school trip! That’s the equivalent of doing a full marathon in my opinion. Considering how unwell you have been I think you did brilliantly to even make it to the finish line, but it is a ‘bummer’ when one doesn’t do as well as one wants to.

  4. lovelucie1

    I’m amazed you’re back running long distance again so soon! Well done! Remember what a tiny proportion of the population could even imagine doing such a thing.

  5. tgonzales

    Alice, I am simply amazed at how you can run. As for the the next race, if you bow out it will be ok and I know that you will do your best in the next one and that is all you can expect from yourself. It’s always easy for a non-runner to tell you that but please remember that you are only human and we still love you no matter what. Tamara

  6. sue508

    Well done!!! You are an inspiration, please draw a line under this, learn and move on. I have my very first half marathon this sunday too and haven’t put any expetations on myself. Our weekly training is getting serious now and I too have doubts on my ability BUT we have come too far dont you think? All those early morning windy rainy runs have built up to next month. I have no doubts in my mind that you’ll be amazing on the day. 🙂 x

  7. macstabby

    You finished, even though it was rough. I think that’s great. My goal for this year is to finally hit ten miles, and maybe next year to do a half. Eeps. I’ll keep reading your blog for inspiration!

  8. Gertie

    Sorry I haven’t commented before now. I’m running behind (no pun intended….) in catching up with my blogging friends.

    Well done in completing your half marathon. Given that you haven’t been very well of late, the fact that you actually finished is commendable.

    As someone who’s own body is still recovering from surgery last summer, let yourself recover it’s own time. No amount of beating yourself up will make it heal any faster.

    What’s the worst that can happen if you don’t go to London this year? Would you rather attend when you know you’re not at your best and feel lousy at the end of it, or attend next time and feel fantastic when you cross the finish line because you know you’ve done your best.

    You will get back to top form. You’ve just got to be a little patient and take it one step at a time xx


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