Summer Rings

Whilst at Spoilt Rotten Beads at the weekend I spotted a bargain. The sun was out and I was really drawn to the lovely bright summery colours:

Such lovely, bright colours

Such lovely, bright colours

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them – make them into rings so I also bought some of this:

0.8mm Non Tarnish Silver Plated Wire - 6 meters ).8mm silver plated wire.

I made three rings:

Simple wire wrapped rings.

Simple wire wrapped rings.

Can you see how I progressed?

Can you see how I progressed?

The front view.

The front view.

So which colour will you wear to bring on the summer?

(ironically I am writing this listening to the pitter patter of rain!) Bring on summer!


26 thoughts on “Summer Rings

  1. helen

    I would go for the aqua / turquoise colour.
    Yes bring on the summer! The sun is shining up in Manchester today but it’s still chilly!

  2. KerryCan

    I like the fact that these are subtle and soft–I’m not big into sparkly. The wire work is really attractive! And I think the dark blue is perfect for summer.


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