YOU could run a marathon.

I have recently bought this book:

I would recommend any of you to read this, if you are a runner or not. Many people reading this may well be a bit confused, knowing that I have already run a marathon and prepared for another. All will become clear, I promise and if you have no intention of running at all then I think that there is still something in this for you.


This book is based on an American university course that gets people running a marathon. All they have to do is work up to running continuously for 30 minutes and go from there. Easy ;).


The bits that I really wanted this for, and incidentally the bits that are useful to anyone, are the mental bits ie the bits that help to prepare your head for all the tough times you go through when running a marathon. There were also a lot of other amazingly useful bits in it such as nutrition, heart rate etc. I really like to be told things straight:

You do this because……

This books does this. It is also really easy to read. I read it in one weekend.  As the author says:

Training for and running a marathon is not a single event….It is a discovery of self that will forever change your perceptions, perspectives, priorities, and possibilities…..

…To know that the only boundaries in life are those which we create ourselves is a discovery which can not be taught – it must be experienced.

Tanjala Mabon Cole

In other words, with the correct mental attitude anything can be done and, since reading this I have found several times in my everyday life where this has been applicable.

I shall obviously share the bits that I have found most useful over the next couple of weeks but in the meantime make a mental note of any time you think a negative thought about yourself and you ability to do something. I bet that it is more often than you would like to imagine!


11 thoughts on “YOU could run a marathon.

  1. Patch

    Intrigued. I HAD to read your post because running a marathon is not something I think I could do (but that’s the point isn’t it… I “think” I can’t and so I don’t/won’t/can’t) and I’m always in awe of people (like you) who do.

  2. KerryCan

    Interesting how this sort of ties in to all that stuff I just wrote about the learning process and the ways that self-doubt can derail a person!


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