Josephine and Sailors!

I recently bought myself a lovely macrame board having finally decided that my cat litter tray was not making things that easy for me.

Large Macrame Board

It was only natural therefore that I would want to have a go at some macrame. This is what I made first:

A macrame bracelet.

A macrame bracelet.

This uses two knots (that I had to learn!). The Josephine knot and the Sailors knot.

The Josephine knot (also known as the Double Coin knot)

The Josephine knot (also known as the Double Coin knot)

The Sailors Knot (which is the far right bit of this photograph).

The Sailors Knot (which is the far right bit of this photograph).

It took a bit of trial and error but worth it in the end. Also, as I have found with other macrame, you do tend to get into a pattern and rhythm which definitely helps and speeds things up. The bit that I found hardest was making each knot a similar size.

So to start with the Josephine Knot

Now the Sailors Knot (which is just a two looped version of the Josephine knot.

You continue making the sailors knot until you get the length of the bracelet that you want. Tie a button on and ta da!!

IMG_0659My friend Claire from Claireabellemakes has a lovely line of macrame bracelets with bicycles to celebrate the tour de France. Do pop over and have a look.


13 thoughts on “Josephine and Sailors!

  1. lovelucie1

    My mum was into macrame for several years when I was small. But it was of the hanging basket variety! She used to make and sell them through the winter when our hotel was closed through the winter season. Massive coloured balls of thick twine and huge wooden beads.
    I love your delicate work.

  2. tgonzales

    Very nice. The one and only thing that I ever made using macrame knots was a rug. I used Aunt Lydia’s wool yarn. I can’t even think about how rough that was on my hands. Oh well, since it was so long ago I have forgotten how much it hurt my hands and how to make the knots. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Tamara

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Isn’t it great how these things go around in circles? I remember seeing patterns in books when I was a child but never had a go. Even now I would never have had a go if it had been a big project. Square knots are great to start with… Do you still have the rug?

  3. feelgoodknitting

    I’ve never tried macrame but my neighbor has some pretty flower pot hangers that have me contemplating it lately…it’ll be interesting to watch your progress while I mull it over!


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