Macrame Fun

This weekend my son and I have had fun with knotting. I was browsing on the internet when I foolishly showed him a Scout Bracelet. The result? I was hassled until we had a go. We dug out the paracord and got going:

The bracelet from the side.

The bracelet from the side.

From the top.

From the top.

From the back.

From the back.

See pretty all around. We tied a simple knot at the end and burnt the ends to prevent fraying. This then fitted through the loop we left at the other end of the bracelet to secure it.

It seems that not having the correct colours for Scouts was a problem and so we made another using satin cord:

IMG_0707This is the same technique made in satin cord. I love how the same technique can bring such different results. No doubt we will be making more of these for various friends!


11 thoughts on “Macrame Fun

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Not directly no. I suspect that it could be hobbies or some sort but my son has so many badges that he most probably already has any that they would qualify for!

  1. jamieaaron03

    I’ve noticed kids have been into making those bracelets. They are also doing the rubber band kind, I tried it with my sisters kids but found it kinda annoying to do. I might try some of those bracelets with my son, he likes small projects.


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