Soham Half Marathon

During May I ran another half marathon. As is becoming the custom for me, I heard about it three weeks before the event and, with it being so close to home (about 6 miles or so) it seemed rude not to take part. Another thing in its favour was the 11.15 start.

Unfortunately, the day before the race was one of the hottest days of the year so far and the weather was not due to break. Suddenly the late start was not looking quite so nice! I sent a text to my partner in crime saying something along the lines of:

It is quite hot to run a half marathon……

Her response was not quite what I was looking for:

I am making sure I drink a lot…

Great idea. I spent the rest of the day drinking lots of water! The morning was as hot as it promised to be. Lot’s of sun cream, a hat and a bottle of water were my only defenses.

I can’t say I was looking forward to it and the first 3 miles were not a lot of fun. I was so close to dropping out and walking back, especially when we saw three doing just that. I couldn ‘t blame them, thinking instead that there were sensible (leaving us……?)

Heading out into the unshaded fen roads, surprisingly, I began to feel a bit better and that I might, maybe, be able to finish this after all. The plan was to finish. No matter the time, or even if we were last. Finishing was good.

It was a very well organised race, small, mainly run by club runners but friendly. There were water stations every three miles which, fortunately consisted of water bottles and not cups. I say fortunately because a bottle was very much needed. You drank a good amount, threw a good bit over yourself and then ran along with the rest sloshing over you. By the time you got to the next station your drenched t-shirt was bone dry.

Slowly we plodded along. I am really pleased to report that we did both finish. It was probably the slowest half that I have ever run but the thing that pleases me the most is that I felt quite strong throughout – I even managed to over take people in the final stages. This is not usual for me and a real morale booster.


Despite all my misgivings I fully enjoyed the race. Everyone was lovely, all the marshells were totally amazing. I would happily run  it again and hope that this is the beginning of new confident and strong me.  Watch this space 🙂




12 thoughts on “Soham Half Marathon

  1. lovelucie1

    Another race under your belt, and in such heat, must really add to your confidence. And to do it with no race specific training? Maybe that’s the way to go;)


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