The gruesome side of running.


WARNING – This post may cause distress if you are slightly screamish.

I know that I go on and on about the benefits of running and the achievements I manage but there is a darker side to it. Not everyone will experience this, and it is the first time I have (and hopefully the last!). On Saturday I suddenly realised that my toe nail was coming off. I have to say it turned my stomach to start with. My husband assumed that I meant a false nail (not that I have ever had false nails so where he got that from I don’t know).

When I stopped to think about it I am not surprised – it has had a ridge on it for ages. It never went black. I am pretty sure it was the long distances that did it – possibly the marathon last year or the 20 miler I did this year? Not sure which but most definitely a long race. The positive is that I do have a nail growing underneath, and it didn’t hurt. It was still quite unpleasant though.

I now have painted nails on 9 toes! Why oh why could it not have waited until the winter when my toes are nicely hidden away?

For those of you with a gruesome nature here is a picture:


Running long d


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