Looming wonderful …

Gosh. June was a really busy month with not much let up. July is slightly better but not a lot. I was lucky enough to find some time to make although at a much slower rate than normal and blogging just fell off the agenda all together. I have missed reading all your updates, it is a bit like a whole part of my life is gone 😦

So … in our house we have been hit by the latest craze of loom bands which seems to have taken over the whole country. Someone said to me the other day that I bet I was glad to have boys so that I didn’t have all these bands everywhere. Unfortunately this is a craze that has hit boys as much as girls!

For those of you who don’t know what they are, they are basically tiny coloured rubber bands. They get everywhere – all over the floor, in washing machines, vacuum cleaners, pockets….everywhere. The bands can then be made into bracelets. The simplest ones can be made on fingers:


This is the preferred method of my youngest son - great for small motor control.

This is the preferred method of my youngest son – great for small motor control.

The more complex ones are done on a loom:

This is how you set up the loom.

This is how you set up the loom.

I have had a go myself. I started with fairly simple ones and then progressed to adding beads (obviously!). I am now mulling over a design that involves jump rings and chain maille with them…This may take some time to actually exist but writing it down here is more likely to make it happen.

Has this craze reached you yet? Any tips on how to contain the bands?


29 thoughts on “Looming wonderful …

      1. Nice piece of work

        i seem to have missed the bedazzler craze though, and a chance remark from a salesman in a fabric shop this afternoon has got me all excited….now to try and get my hands on one of those machines

  1. Ann Winkcup

    We have been hit by the craze as well. Not too bad at the moment for washing machines, vacuuming etc but time will tell ! Love the bead bracelets, may ask my girls to make one similar.

  2. lovelucie1

    My daughter has been making these for weeks. My empty jam jars have slowly been disappearing from the cupboard for loom storage. I might have to claim one or two back when the black currants ripen.

  3. Patty

    This has become international 🙂 My 5 year boy got a bracelet from a friend and then came home saying he had to return this friendship bracelet… he has been making them for everyone he knows! Just this one my boy isn’t thinking about crazy, powerful animals and I’m loving it!

  4. JenR

    I spent a whole weekend with my goddaughter and her twin looming! I still have a pile of bracelets they made for me. I would’ve thought with my knitting experience it would’ve been easier for me but I found it very tricky! They have really nice storage boxes for the bands that helps but they seem to escape everywhere!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      I suppose it is similar to knitting in some ways……I think it does depend on the age of the children. My eldest seems to be able to keep them slightly better organised than the younger ones.

  5. Cath at Lizzie Rose Jewellery

    I saw these for the first time yesterday in Claire’s Accessories (in Portugal) where my daughter was looking at them – she decided she was too lazy to make one for her friend (16 year old’s!) and so I have got off the hook by the looks of things!

  6. feelgoodknitting

    Ahh, loom bands were a big thing with all the girls I teach last school year. Quite crazy-making. They came up with some pretty creative boxes to contain all the bits and pieces though! Bead boxes and glitterized tackle boxes seemed to be the most popular options.


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