Running ups and downs

I have continued to run with varying amounts of pleasure…..I have learnt that running in the heat does not agree with me (and when I say heat I mean the 25 – 29ish degrees that we get in this country). I can’t do that. I have learnt that when I relax and enjoy the run it goes far better than when I get stressed and pressured about it! Non of this is surprising, or even that new. Instead it is something that I have to relearn every year or so. Are there things like this that you go through?

This weekend was really interesting, probably the most interesting for a long time šŸ˜‰sat runI suspect that most of you will be yelling YES! especially if you are not a runner. I have to admit to being a bit odd but this week it was the best thing that I could have done. I had one of the best runs that I have recently. I ran 4 miles and for each of those 4 miles I got faster and faster ending with the fastest mile of them all. I came home feeling really good.Full of energy and really happy.

Stupidly I got up the next morning thinking that it would be a similar experience if I were to go running again. So off I went – for a nice 7-8 mile run. Hummm.

It….was……the…..most…….disastrous…………for long, long time.

Everything that could go wrong did. I started out really well (probably too fast). It had been raining but in my unrealistic state didn’t acknowledge that this would mean wet grass when I went off on a footpath.

Said footpath was a lot narrower than I remembered and more overgrown. The grass was long and my feet were soon soaked. I then turned off the footpath too soon, climbed over a gate only to run a mile before realising that I would end up in a farmers yard who may be cross with me for trespassing. I turned around.

On reaching the actual place where I meant to turn off I saw a van, back doors open with music blaring. This made me nervous and worried about loose dogs. I turned around to come back the way I came.

I arrived back home late for a family lunch date with scratches to my arms and marks all over my legs. On top of all that my time was SLOW. Disheartened is another way to put it.

Hey ho it will not put me off…I am just hoping that my next run is slightly less eventful šŸ˜‰



12 thoughts on “Running ups and downs

  1. bekswhoknits

    you always have adventures when you run. There are times when i miss running (unfortunately shin splints stopped me and I’ve never got back into it), but rain and wet shoes are not one of those times!!!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      I can assure you that I don’t always have adventures – they are just the ones that I write about šŸ˜‰ I can understand you not missing those runs at all. xx

  2. feelgoodknitting

    I’m the opposite of you – it’s cold weather that kills my ability to run. Just takes the breath right out of me. I look at the occasional bad run like a bad hair day. Sometimes they just happen and there’s not a darn thing you can do except slog through it and hope the next one goes better! So good luck for next time!


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