It is meant to be!

Last week something really exciting happened on Twitter. I noticed a link to instargram by a friend Truly Myrtle. I clicked through and saw the most beautiful shawl. What is more she designed it herself. I was feeling a bit cheeky –

Conversation on twitter.

Conversation on twitter.

How lucky am I? The e-mail come through really quickly and I got straight online to order the yarn required.

Having ordered it I then had a panic – it would not come in time! I decided to phone the shop Meadow Yarn and try to upgrade my postage to a faster service. You know what? The lady was SOOOO lovely that she offered to do it for me without charging me any extra as her random act of kindness for the day. I was totally gobsmacked!

The best bit of all? IT CAME πŸ™‚ I was so grateful that I phoned the lady straight away to tell her that it had arrived. The Yarn is soooo yummy:

Wasn’t this project just meant to be? I really hope that I enjoy knitting this. It has a quick turn around so look out for updates :). Oh and I will so be visiting Meadow Yarns again!




17 thoughts on “It is meant to be!

  1. jodiebodie

    You must model your finished product. Love that yarn colour. It is great to support businesses that go the extra mile to help their customers and I like to give my money to people who are working hard to give good service so thanks for letting us know about Meadow Yarns.


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