Lamp post intervals

Last week I had the all clear from the physio to gently start running again, well run/walk that is. It was just as well because I had decided that I was probably OK to do this on Monday and so had done a short one already.

I still took it easy, running for three lamp posts and walking for one. I also unintentionally ran quite fast – hitting sub 8 minute mile pace each time I ran. This was really encouraging to me as it meant that the gym work and swimming had kept my fitness levels up.

My sats from my first official run

My stats from my first official run. The blue is the speed – see how it is quite regular.

I have to say that I didn’t find run/walking easy at all. I lost my rhythm and felt that getting started again was really hard work. Also lamp posts are just not even. Some are really close together and some are a long way apart. Why? Why not put them the same distance from each other?

Despite this I am really happy to say that there is no pain in my foot at all following both of the ‘proper’ runs which means (to me) that I am ready to get back into it. I just don’t know how to progress without going too fast and injuring myself again.

I also have to try to gain trust in my foot again. When I am concentrating on it I am sure that it hurts/twinges etc but when I am not it is fine. I went out with my son today and was focusing on him – not my foot thus it was all absolutely fine. I am sure that it is fine but the brain is a powerful thing!

Finally, I had a really great session in the gym this weekend with my Personal Trainer. A couple of weeks ago he introduced skater squats to me. These are one-legged squats where you try to get your knee as close to the floor as possible.

I surprised myself (and maybe my trainer too?) at how strong I have become. I really hope that I can now get on with the running side without any problems.nj

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