I have written about the amazing effect of blocking knitting and crochet before as it opens itself out, giving the stitches the definition that they deserve. I have also written about how important swatching is. Both of these were again underlined to me this week.

This is a swatch I did - before blocking.

This is a swatch I did – before blocking.

During blocking.

During blocking.

The swatch after blocking.

The swatch after blocking.

Looking at the tape measure, you can see that the swatch grew by 2 cm. This was not enough as the swatch was meant to be 13cm square according to the pattern.  I had already gone up a needle size as I know that I knit tightly……

The photographs show that the pattern really opens out post blocking, and the measurements show how important the swatching process is. I have gone up a couple more needle sizes and started again. Imagine how small the top would have been had I not bothered with swatching and blocking!

14 thoughts on “Swatching

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      There are several ways! I tend to soak mine in a wool soak ( or just wet it) then pin it out onto the foam blocks (children’s alphabet puzzle bits) If the measurements are exact then use a tape measure, or simply pin. Leave to dry and voila!


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