Joanne to the rescue

For those of you who know that we have half term here you may well be wondering why I haven’t written more posts. The simple answer is that I did but I am struggling with WordPress. It seems to not save everything. Anyone else having these issues?

Anyway back to the point of this post. My lovely friend Joanne came to my rescue this week. I had really lost all mojo when it came to yarn related projects. Luckily I knew she was just THE person to sort me out. After Christmas I had picked up this lovely yarn in the sale:

It is Rowan Sock yarn.

It is Rowan Sock yarn.

The first obvious place to start is with socks. We logged onto Ravelry and started searching. I really liked the look of these:

beauty shot Skew by Lana Holden












I really like these and will probably make them one day. We then saw these:

beauty shot












The thing about these socks that really appeal is the unusual way the stripes go across the socks. Definitely on the to-do list but not quite right for now.

We then went onto shawls and found the one.

It is Miss Winkle by Martina Behlm. This is a lovely pattern that is easy but the hoops along the edge add that bit of interest. Perfect for those evenings where I am really tired and need something to take my mind off the events of the day.

Joanne being Joanne bought the pattern right there and then. She then popped home to get her winder so I could wind the skein and get going straight away. How lucky am I? I am very, very grateful and look forward to the next couple of weeks. Thank you lovely.

12 thoughts on “Joanne to the rescue

  1. salpal1

    great friend and a agreat choice! I really like her designs, they are so simple yet so clever. I have leftie in my stack, and am wondering if I should just go buy leftovers, lol….


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