Running For You

My husband writes, performs and records songs. Not something that I have shared with you before but he has done something pretty amazing; he has written a song to help raise funds for MIND (the charity that I have chosen to support. For reasons why see here and here). I am so grateful to him because I have been rubbish at raising any money at all this year.

We decided to ask other people who are running for MIND to submit photographs of themselves to make a video as this way it would give them an opportunity to ask people for sponsorship in a different way and therefore hopefully raise more money.

I am lucky. I chose to raise money for mind despite getting a place through the ballot. This means that I haven’t pledged to raise a huge amount of money in return for my place. The flip side to this is that I raised money last year but this year I have not done nearly as well. I am just not comfortable asking the same people for money again, especially when I didn’t actually do anything last year.

Anyway – enough of my  words:

Here it is:

Did you spot the panel I made last year?

Next time I promise to not write about running. I have 2 things that I have sewed to share.

Have fun. x


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