Running bits and pieces

Oh dear. It seems that this space is forever being neglected and then apologetic posts are written such as this one before it goes into Hiatus again.

Catch up

So….a quick catch up of my running. I have been running regularly throughout the summer. I have enjoyed taking on the challenges of some trails and forgetting a bit about the times. As the summer came to a close however, times come back into the picture.


I have a 10k on new years eve coming up, the one that I had to miss last year to an Achilles injury. I have also entered the Cambridge half again and have my eye on a few others as well. I just need to get myself organised. Oh and did you hear? I got another place in the London Marathon through the ballot. I am so excited.


Cross Country

Through the club that I train with I have learnt an awful lot about running techniques and tricks. It is also through them (as well as a bit of encouragement from my eldest) that I am also taking part in a series of cross country runs this winter. To be honest, today was the first one I managed to take part in although my son also completed one last month which, due to other arrangements I was unable to.


Despite having had 5 hours sleep (completely my fault) I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Yes it was a tad windy, yes it was very sandy (read running on a beach full of dry sand) , yes there were a few inclines but I enjoyed it. There were no markers so I had no idea how far I had run (thanks to human error with the Garmin) which makes a nice change. I was running somewhere completely new, doing something new and so had no pressure at all. In fact, I got a PB (or would have done had I known what my time was for the whole course and not just for the portion I managed to capture.)

The only problem that I have is that it has finally dawned on me that I am slow. Very SLOW. Currently I am not quite sure what to do with this, except to make a plan. Any ideas?

Back soon with a catch up on some of my crafting creations.


3 thoughts on “Running bits and pieces

  1. vicky myers

    Funny that you should post to day – for some reason you popped into my mind and I wondered how you are:) The running sounds like it is going well, wish I could be so disciplined about exercise:)


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