The adventures of the socks

So, last night this happened.

2015-12-28 13.56.52

Yep, my needle broke 😦

I guess this is why I usually use metal? It is especially frustrating because I finally sat down last night with a whole evening ahead of me intending to near enough get my project finished. This obviously didn’t happen.

So what is was my project?

Ages ago (as in November) the lovely Louise Tilbrook was tweeting about a mystery kal (knit along) on one of her sock patterns. I have knitted  one pair of socks before which I quite enjoyed and a bit more research revealed that these were toe up socks which are all new to me. The final clincher was that I had until the end of December to finish them. (Anybody else find that crafting time in December is a very rare thing?) I signed up.

The hints

The title of the project is Wyrt socks which apparently is the old English word for root.

…..these socks were inspired by the twist and gnarled tree roots found on ……. woodland walks.

These sounded to me as if they would have an interesting cable which I thought I would enjoy.

Slow Start

As suspected the socks got off to a very slow start. I did finally manage to complete one just before Christmas. I would love to say that I was too busy creating presents for everyone else but sadly this is not true. Along the way I had to learn the new skill of Judy’s magic cast on which is truly magic – for anyone who has yet to find this it is a way of casting on 2 rows simultaneously this starting with a circular part of knitting straight away. As always YouTube was a huge help.

Making progress

As I thought I really enjoyed knitting these socks – the yearn was fab, the pattern interesting but not complicated and just before Christmas I cast on my second sock. I was making great progress until……

2015-12-28 13.56.41

The silver lining was that I obviously had another project to continue with so it is not all bad as I still got some knitting done. I am just wondering if I will manage to replace the needle before the end of December?

(The link to the project on ravelry is here.)


13 thoughts on “The adventures of the socks

  1. zeta (

    I can’t see if your needles are interchangeable. If they are, you can use a smaller needle on the left side. I do this often so that the stitches slip easier. If not, you can always use a pencil sharpener on the broken one. It’s an extreme solution but you don’t have anything to lose. The pattern is too beautiful to leave it off your hands…!!


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