The past, present and future

You may have noticed that I have been dusting off my lovely blog space. In the spirit of the fast approaching new year I have been doing some thinking….what to do next? As I had a browse around this little space of mine it occurred to me just how much I have changed over the time and how this blog has adapted to change with me.

The beginning

When I started this blog I was so, so, nervous of the scary would of the web. It took me ages to work up the courage to start . Once I had got over this fear then I had to think about what on earth I would write about, then the name, then the look……Oh it was endless. In the end however the name that I chose summed it all up pretty well. I started off writing about running, knitting (and a bit of crochet). The trouble was it didn’t stay as simple as that.

The focus

In the beginning the main focus quickly became the wire jewellery that I was making. I was very driven and aimed to produce 1 piece per week. I then started to add to the running pages – race reviews and simple advice. As I was going along, I learnt a lot and so decided that I would start to include how to regarding blogging hence the page entitled blogging tips. See, very organic.

Moving on

After a while I was invited to blog for a local jewellery shop and so was making a lot of jewellery…….jewellery then became the big focus with some knitting and running thrown in for good measure. More recently there has been a bit of sewing thrown in too.

The slow decline

When I started this blog I wasn’t working but was bringing up my lovely children. I have since started working again, gradually increasing my hours each year until I am now virtually full-time (in work time if not contact). This is the reason the blog has slowly started to fade away. I simply do not have much spare time. I do still knit, crochet, sew, run but, it seems, not blog.

So where now?

I honestly don’t know. This little space doesn’t feel like me anymore and a lot of it is out of date….. so….do I do a major overhaul? Start again? I have no idea. The one thing that is clear is that I am very passionate about what I do. I also believe the benefits that running/knitting/crocheting and sewing can have on individuals is huge. I have a lot of knowledge and it feels right that I share it. On the other hand I am no expert. A somewhat smaller point is that I love the community that I am ‘occasionally’ part of. There are some awesome people out there and I don’t just want to fall away completely from everyone. One friend suggests that I just go to Facebook – easier and quicker to update?

The future

If I strip everything back I get back to the beginning – what I want to write about is running, knitting, crocheting and sewing (I am not at all averse to jewellery making either but it is just not that high on my list of priorities right now). The blogging tips are probably way out of date now, as are the links to knitting and crochet tips although I haven’t checked. Does this mean that I should simply overhaul the blog? Probably.

My Idea

The one thing that I do know I want to do (although how doable it truly is, I am not sure) is that I want to share my coming marathon journey with everyone. I want to show everyone that I am simply an ordinary person like them. I do not find it easy, I have loads of obstacles that are in my way all the time but I am just far more stupid than them. I want people to see that they could do what I am doing. I suppose I also want people to understand why I do it – what the positives are that I get from it as well. The big questions is how do I get all this across?


Someone mentioned to me the idea of vlogging. I really like this as what better way is there to show everyone what it is really like other than seeing what a mess I get into and what the emotions are that I go through at the time? I just am not sure whether I can really do it. I know that I haven’t got time to edit it but then would that matter? I am not after a polished thing as I really want people to see everything, warts and all otherwise there isn’t really any point. Am I brave enough? I really don’t know.


Do you have any insights? What is the best way to achieve my aims? What do you see as the answer to the future of this blog? Come on you lovely people…….give me your wonderful ideas. What would work for you? (My children are horrified of the idea of me vlogging which kind of makes me more determined to do it!!!!:))




6 thoughts on “The past, present and future

  1. tillymintboutique

    I have loved reading your posts and it’s great to hear how far you have come. I really think you should post about your marathon journey, people will be able to identify with what you’re going through in some way or other, whether they are a runner or not. Maybe give the video stuff a go! 🙂 x

  2. notsogranny

    Why not have a play with periscope? Its twitter based. You do a live cast where people can interact then it is available to stream but dies after 24 hours. You can save them to youtube channel i think. I had a play and plan to do more. Its less scary because of the impermanence of it.

  3. jodiebodie

    i have enjoyed following your blog and your Ravelry makes over the years and appreciate you sharing your heartfelt concerns. Whenever a blog just stops with no explanation or signing off message, I get concerned for the blogger – I wonder what is going on for them to disappear from the blogosphere. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – it is reassuring to know that you are all okay, just busy! If there is one thing for certain in this life, it is change! As you have explained here, our blogs change along with us and our circumstances. Do whatever fits in with your new circumstances and thank you for all of the time, energy and thought you have put into this space.
    All the best for 2016, whatever you choose to do. 🙂

  4. KerryCan

    I’m glad to know things are fine with you! I like your idea of blogging about the marathon prep. As for the vlogging–I’m much more a reader than a watcher–I very rarely watch videos and probably would be less inclined to follow your marathon training if it was in vlog form but that’s just me! Do what YOU want to do!


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