The night before…..

My marathon training starts properly tomorrow. This means that the London marathon is 16 weeks away. Eek. This always seems a lot closer than when you say “It’s the end of April.” In my defence it is only January now, the middle of winter. By April it will be spring….ages away, well 16 weeks!)

So how am I feeling?

So how am I feeling? Nervous obviously but I do keep pushing that emotion down as it is not really helpful. I find it quickly turns to other negative thoughts such as will I get injured? What if I get ill? What if I cannot do it? etc, etc etc.

Instead I am trying to focus on the excitement and positivity that I feel. I went to the gym today and I feel strong. Recently I have realised that I am strong enough to attempt full ‘proper’ push ups. In fact I can do 3 sets of 8. That is 24 in total. Go me! In addition I have also been working very hard to be able to pull my body weight up (pull ups). I have recently managed one and then today managed 7!  WAHOOOO! In fact the gym sessions have been going very positively. I can really see the improvements which is a huge motivator.

So what about the running?

The running is plodding along…and I mean plodding. I recently ran a cross country race where the realisation hit me that I am slow. I keep trying to tell myself that it doesn’t matter but deep down this does bother me. On New Years eve I ran a 10K race which I was dreading but actually enjoyed it in the end. I even felt quite strong. Still not fast but I was over taking people most of the way around which again is a big motivator.

Slowly, slowly…

My biggest problem at the moment is trying to stop myself from going completely over board and burning out too early on. Over Christmas I treated myself to one of these:


It is a fitness tracker that measures my heart rate, steps etc. I nearly upgraded my garmin running watch because it is quite old but it is a really good one that does everything I want, and more so decided to just get this instead.

I am hoping that because it is new it is a bit of a novelty as it seems to be a bit addictive. I have been reaching my steps goal easily everyday but then today came and I am way off. I had been to the gym but knew that in order to reach my goal I needed to go for a run as well. I was feeling really jittery until I gave myself a stern talking to and told myself not to be so silly. It is fine to have a day where you don’t do as much. Before I went to the gym and was more than content.

On my wheels

So tomorrow it is back to work to me and the start of something else that is new…….I am going to bike to work 2-3 times a week. I only live 3 miles away but have always found reasons to have to go in my car. I would really love to run but feel that running with a laptop could be difficult so instead I went out and bought a back pack for my laptop so I can bike, along with some water proof trousers. Unfortunately it looks as if I am going to need them tomorrow. Why does it suddenly feel not such a good idea?

I shall update you tomorrow with how I get on….

(I am looking at using periscope that is linked into twitter for some live updates but will continue to use this blog as a base… is where I am comfortable and on a test run talking to a camera is not as easy as it looks!)






10 thoughts on “The night before…..

  1. lovelucie1

    Well done on your ‘proper’ pushups. I always feel smug doing my ‘proper’ pushups in the gym. It only took me 42 years to belt out 3 sets. Good luck with your training x

  2. helen

    Good luck with the training!
    In November I bought myself a Fitbit HR which sound similar to the tracker you have. I love it. I have used a pedometer for a few years now but wanted to upgrade. Normally hitting 10K steps a day is no problem but a few days visiting relatives over Xmas showed some shameful stats!
    Hope the cycle to work went well? I have a 4 mile cycle commute which I do the 4 days of the week that I work. I really love it and I find it good for my mind. It was just spitting with rain today so I didn’t bother with the overtrousers!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Oh look at you. I am ashamed that it took me so long! No rain at all but went for the trousers as an extra layer and to prevent splatters. I was gutted that the bike ride didn’t measure as steps, nor the mountains I climbed on the bike for my ‘stairs! Humph!


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