Day 1 and failed already!

I told you that I wanted to be honest with you all about my training…..

Today is day one. Last night I was feeling all positive, indeed when I came back from work I was all fired up. BUT …..then life happened! See I am just a normal girl 😦

After dinner my husband said that he was off to run a few errands in the car. Fine with me as I had some work to do anyway.

I will go for a run as soon as he gets back 🙂

5 mins after he left I get a phone-call: please come and rescue me, the tire has blown. Unfortunately I am the AA member as he is covered with work. I bundled the children into the car and off we went to phone the AA. I then left my lovely husband to wait whilst I came home to sort the boys out and do my work.

2 hours later the AA came. It was now gone 9. Bang goes the run. Yes I could have gone out but looking at the plan I realised that today is an optional extra (which I had wanted to do) of a 40 mins easy run or cross training.


Last night I promised myself that I would bike to work. This morning I nearly backed out of it – it is too cold, what do I wear? I will look silly, my bag is too heavy…..but I didn’t.


It turns out that it takes 20mins to get to work and 20 minutes to get home. My maths makes that 40 mins altogether. Job done.

So Day 1 = a fail and a save! Lets see what happens tomorrow.


14 thoughts on “Day 1 and failed already!

  1. lovelucie1

    I’d love to cycle to work but 15 miles at 6.30am is probably a ride too far and our work shower is not very inviting. Well done for getting out this morning. It can only get easier now.

  2. notsogranny

    Can I ban you from using the word FAIL at all please? (I’ll write a list of suitable alternatives) Nothing you are doing or not doing is going to be in any way failing. Things might not go exactly to plan but you won’t fail – its such a toxic word.

  3. bekswhoknits

    I’m sorry but i’ve read and re-read this and I can’t possibly see how this is a fail.

    It sounds like “real-life” threw some stuff at you but you did what you wanted to do anyway. That’s a win in my book!!!


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