Wyrt Socks – finished.

A very happy new year to everyone. I hope that you have had a good one? I am very pleased to report that after my slight accident earlier this week I managed to complete my socks with about an hour to spare – about 11 O’clock on New Years Eve.

I love them.

I love them.

I really enjoyed knitting these socks. They have the right mix of interest with the cables along with the fairly easy knitting part. Perfect knitting for when you are tired and are sat in front of the TV.



I also learnt some new techniques:

  • these are toe up socks so I learnt how to do Judy’s magic loop.
  • I had done short row shaping before but always nice to have another practice at something like this that I don’t do very often.
  • I also learnt a new stretchy bind off. I am not sure what it is called as I simply typed stretchy bind off into google. As I came to the end of the second sock I did have a mild panic as to whether I would be able to find the same bind off again but it all turned out ok in the end (luckily!).

If you have not knitted socks before then I suggest that you try it. They are highly portable and fairly quick too.

Wyrt Socks

The only question I have is when should I wear them? I love my socks and don’t want to hide them inside boots and shoes :(.


20 thoughts on “Wyrt Socks – finished.

  1. helen

    Great socks! I did a top up pair last year following Judy and found the stretchy bind off method. I cast off in the normal way then realised that it wasn’t going to work. I think from memory I followed instructions from a lady called Jenny.
    I also much prefer the look of the short row heel, but to be honest for me I think the fit of the normal method is better.

      1. helen

        Actually I think because I knit on 60 stitches the short row heel doesn’t come out big enough. I haven’t knitted a pair for a while now so I need to get on the case again!


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