Maybe not a tortoise

Today went to plan(YAY:)). I got home after a long day at work, had a cup of tea and set off (with my son to humiliate me!). We did a gentle warm up run of 0.79 miles at a nice easy pace of 10.39. Perfect:) Considering a lot of it was down hill I was very restrained.

Then the hard work started! the programme said 10 lots of 1 minute runs with a 1 minute recovery. We chose a fairly quiet road that we could simply run back and forth along. At the time it was really hard work. My lungs were burning, I was out of breath and I struggled to keep going. I did though.

When I got homeย it became clear as to why I struggles. Here are the average pace times for each of the 1 minute sprints (all in min/mile)

1: 6.47

2. 6.23

3. 6.34

4. 6.49

5. 6.44

6. 6.33

7. 6.57

8. 6.48

9. 6.51.

They are all below the 7 minute/ mile rate. How chuffed am I? VERY. Maybe I am not so much of a tortoise after all?

Now I just have to transfer that to further distances.

We did a very slow jog home (11.18 min/mile). Our calves were both screaming as we made our way up the slow incline.

For the eagle eyed amongst you, you will have noticed that there are only 9 sprints listed. This is because I made a mistake when setting my watch up and the first one was not timed properly (longer in actuality) but I was not going to do it all again, not even once.

Happy with today ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow is a rest day. Phew.


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