Long Intervals and a rest.

Yesterday I woke up to hear the rain pounding against the windows and felt very relieved not to have planned a bike ride into work. A run was planned for later in the evening once my friend had finished work; an interval session of  mins at level 3 (or 10k pace) with 1 min recovery.

Once I was home and had dinner I began to get restless about going out. It had stopped raining but the wind was cold. I was not exactly looking forward to it.


I did go though, dashing back at the last minute to fetch my gloves that I had left behind. Our 5 minute warm up was not so much of a warm up as a cool down, (read: we ran far too fast as it was far too cold)! Once the intervals started however the cold was forgotten (although the gloves stayed firmly on). As we set off on the first interval I thought that it was likely to feel like a really long time as any intervals I had done up until that point had been MUCH shorter. I was, however pleasantly surprised. I worked really hard to try not to set off too fast which I think I managed. I also tried to think only about the one I was doing and not the whole thing.

The minute breaks were not anywhere near long enough but on the whole the workout was quite enjoyable. I like the ones where I work hard but are in actual fact quite short. The last interval felt very hard going but this was probably just because I was getting tired as my pace was not too much slower. Each of the 4 sets had an average pace between 8min  mile and 8.28. Fairly consistent for me!


Today is a rest day and I have completely resisted all urges to do anything, even in the lovely sunshine this afternoon. Rest days are as important as the work outs and my body needs a bit of a rest as I am getting tired.


I love to hear your thoughts and views.

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