Mind Games

So this weekend I have 2 runs to fit in: 40mins easy and 9mins easy. I also have a gym session to fit in. This is not ideal and my family were not being very forthcoming with when they wanted to do the things that they wanted. In the end I decided that I would make the decision.

Running with Company

I had the option of running with my friend this morning so I took this up. Her plan was to run 40min easy which fitted in perfectly. I did think that I could always do another loop at the end to make it my long run. I would see how it went.

How far to go?

The weather was very kind to us and we even set off in sunshine. A nice easy pace of 10 minute miles. To be honest there were times when it didn’t feel very easy in those first couple of miles but I then found my feet and got into it. When we came to a part of the route where I could add on an extra loop I decided to go for it. The sun was shining and I was of the opinion that I should get it done today whilst I felt good.

Looping around

I was absolutely fine but towards the end I was having to add in extra loops and bits to make up the time. Never an easy thing for my head to deal with. With 10 minutes left (1mile) I began to struggle. My legs began to hurt and I felt a bit silly as I kept re-passing people as I desperately made up the time.

I am pleased to report that I did finish it and managed to make it up to 9 miles which is the furthest that I have run since October. I even managed to go out for a walk to the post office too. I have felt a bit tired this pm though!

Mind games

The thing that really helped me was to split the time up. If I had set out knowing that I had to run 9 miles I don’t think I would have done it. Instead I did 40mins and then another 40mins. When my brain did finally realise that I would have to run another 10mins, I began to struggle a bit but by then it was too late to back out. It just goes to show how important it is how you think about your run.

Breaking the rules?

The one thing that did occur to me once I had committed to doing my LSR today was that I will be breaking the cardinal sin of not resting after a long run, in order to let my body recover. So now do I just do my strength work tomorrow and call it quits or do I run as well?  I may just see how my body feels tomorrow morning.



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