A dilemma

Last night I was looking at the plan I had chosen to follow. I had seen on a blog how someone rapidly decreased their marathon times training three times a week. This planted a huge seed of doubt in my mind.

The plan I chose was based around three basic runs a week with another beneficial run and an optional extra. When I was researching programmes I knew that I needed three key, quality workouts a week: an interval one, a paced one and a long slow run. I think I made assumptions about the plan I chose without really looking into it.

This last week the 3 essential runs were:

  1. an interval run
  2. a 40 min easy run
  3. a long run (which turned out to be 9 miles)

The important run was the paste run. That makes up 4 runs a week if I am to follow the plan and make it contain all the ingredients that I think it should.

This coming week the 3 essential runs are:

  1. 60 min easy run
  2. Park run
  3. Long run (about 10 miles at my pace.

The important run is a hill session. Again 4 runs to fulfil my basic requirements.

It really hit home when I realised that next week I have a cross-country run and so would have to do my long run  during the week. When will I find time to run mins and mins during a working week? (the cross-country will be a bit longer than the 5K.) That is a lot of running.

This week I ran 20.4 miles. Next week would be 21 miles just for the 3 essential runs. I fear that my poor body will burn out before we get to the end of the month. Add in the weekly gym sessions and I won’t have much time for much else. Don’t get me wrong. I know that I will have to invest a lot of time but I am only in week 1/2 of the 16 week plan. I am not sure I can mentally sustain it for that long. If I am going to change, now is the time to do it.

I have been putting out feelers to see if anyone can advise. Can you? Do you know of anyone who can?



4 thoughts on “A dilemma

  1. Running Not Racing

    Not qualified to give advice really but can completely understand why you are struggling. That is a lot of running and a lot of time. Why are you doing 4 runs per week if the plan says 3? Are you adding to it yourself? Ask yourself why? Is it that panicy feeling that you won’t train enough or is it the wrong plan for you? In my humble opinion I think you are doing too much too early. 1 hill OR interval, 1 paced and 1 Lsr should be sufficient this early. But what do others think?

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      I think that you are right and I know this deep down. It is really hard when you read about all these others running loads of miles. It is easy to get caught up!Thank you for taking the time to write. xx

  2. plustenner

    totally agree with Running nor Racing. Follow the plan and do what fits into the time you have. It is about quality not quantity. 3 runs a week as per your plan is far better than trying to do more runs and ending up totally knackering yourself. At the end of the day, you have to enjoy it, should not be a chore


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