This week so far….

After my busy weekend full of exercise, I decided that Monday should be a rest day – something that was enforced when we unexpectedly had to take our son to a and e with a very swollen ankle. I did manage a yoga session via YouTube although it was interrupted by another son who kept needing help with an essay. I enjoyed it though and will definitely do it again.

Running Club

By Tuesday I was feeling really out of sorts. Luckily a really good session at running club helped to sort me out and I came back feeling refreshed and literally like a new person. It was our first time going to running club since Christmas and I was pleasantly surprised. One of the things that I really value about club sessions is the drills that we do at the beginning. These involve skipping, hurdles, jumping and hopping. I really enjoy these and  feel that they are beneficial to my overall running health and ability. (I will try to remember to take photographs the next time I go so that I can share more detail with you all.)

Track session

The running session takes place outside on an over grown, muddy field in the semi darkness. There is a track marked out (by a groove really) although the coach does mark out the track for the distances that we are running (adding in torches so that we can see them)! This week was the type of session that most dread. 4 sets of 6×100 metres. It just goes to show how far I have come as I really enjoyed the session. My target pace was a steady 23, 24 seconds. In fact I did 23, 22 seconds with my last one 21. More than happy with that.:)

Bike day

I was really pleased that today there was no ice as I had set my heart on biking to work to keep up with my 2 sessions a week.  I got myself all kitted up and set off. My poor legs felt a bit tired today with my thighs in particular feeling a bit achy. I do love biking to work though, and feel more alive when I have. I also think that I have more energy. On my way home I dared to come back via the road as I thought it would be quicker meaning that I could possibly bike on Mondays. It is a bit quicker but not by a lot. I think it should be doable though.

I fear that I am getting addicted to exercise.

Another bike day tomorrow followed by a run in the evening – I am hoping that the snow the children are hoping for doesn’t come!


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