With the meeting/lecture on Monday that was a rest day. On Tuesday I  took the big decision to move from the junior group of joggers to the adults. GULP! This was for two reasons:

1. The short intervals that I was doing during the junior jogger sessions was not going to help with my marathon training at all.

2. I need to get to know some of the adult joggers as when I go to take part in cross country events etc I never know anyone…..and that is a bit sad. 😦

I took part in the juniors because it fits in with my children – we all train together whereas the adults start 30minutes later than the jumiors. My wonderful husband, however has agreed to go and pick them up if I drop them off.


So having apologised to my fellow adult junior joggers I left my boys and nervously headed to the adults. The adults meet in a leisure centre. Your name is ticked off on a list and everyone stands around until it is time to set off. As I feared I was billy no mates. 15 minutes can take forever! I began to feel as if I had a made a bad mistake. Luckily. I am not one to give up very easily. We set off for the start of the course, a sort of warm up…and yes, I ran it alone.


Just before we started the ‘real’ session (Yassoo’s)  someone came over to me and asked me what pace I run at and suggested that I should join her. Unbeknown to me there was someone else who was trying the joggers for the first time. We all ran as a three together.

Yassoo 800’s

The session was to run 4 x 800 metres with a 2 minute recovery. The idea behind this is that if you can keep the same pace for 10 then you can wok out how fast you can run a marathon in. We were doing each one about 4.15 minutes so , had we managed to maintain this for 10 reps we should be able to run a marathon in about 4 hrs 15-30!!


The session was very enjoyable. We managed to do a bit of chatting and I found out that one of my partners was training for a half marathon and the other a marathon a bit later on in the year. We all agreed to meet back on Thursday for the next meeting. Even better was that before I got home I had had a friend request from one of them along with a very nice mention on Facebook. A lovely touch that made me feel really included.

Cross training

Wednesday was a cross training day ie a commute to work on my bike. Thursday I again biked to keep up with my twice a week goal. The evening was joggers again. When I mentioned it to my husband he initially said ” what again? You went the other day”. I quickly pointed out that I would run anyway and I may as well run with others rather than on my own. How could he disagree with that argument?

Second club run

On Tuesday I had learnt that the club sessions were designed to support those training for a marathon and half marathon which really made me feel a lot better. It means that I no longer have to worry about following a plan. I will do the 2 sessions along with a long run at the weekend and all will be sorted. Thursdays session was a ‘long’ run of about 7 miles. I again ran with the two I found on Tuesday. It was a lovely ‘hilly’ (for around here) route that we took at a nice and easy pace. It was lovely to run new routes with new people (as well as to have someone to talk to before the session!). I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn’t feel that tired after it.

Friday was a well earned rest day 🙂

Phew! What a busy week.



6 thoughts on “Graduating

  1. lovelucie1

    I imagine club running is much like club cycling. I find it so much easier and enjoyable with a group – and less likely that I’ll will pass on a ride due to the weather! Glad you’ve already made a couple of running mates.


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