A lesson in progression

Last night was club night. I was really looking forward to it. To put it mildly, I have the January blues. Work is tough going, home-life is tough going ……..to be honest the bit that I am really enjoying at the moment is my training. It is giving me satisfaction, enjoyment and, dare I say it, energy.

A big turn out

The route was a little bit up and down (a lot for this area), about 6 miles in length. There was quite a lot of us meeting up at the start, enough for 5 groups….and get this, I was not in the last group. Wahooo!


I had run this route a couple of years ago when I had attended the club before. I remember finding it quite tough. This time however I felt strong. Even up the ‘mountain’ that went on for ever.


When I uploaded the run from my watch I noticed that my heartrate got up to 212 beats a minute. It didn’t feel this high. I am wondering if I should be worried as I am sure this is unusual for me. The average however was normal so maybe I have just not looked that carefully before? I am hoping that this is the reason. Going on my heart rate this was a threshold run as my heart rate averaged about 85%. If it is then it definitely didn’t feel like I was working this hard. Maybe threshold runs are not to be avoided after all!


Today has been a rest day that I have spent mainly sitting on my bottom (well all afternoon at least!). I am usually quite active in my job but last Friday and this afternoon I was on a course that involved me sitting. I can honestly say that I do not enjoy sitting for long periods of time. On a positive note, I realise why everyone says how bad sitting down for a long time everyday is. I am also grateful that I have a job that allows me to move about.

Tomorrow is an out and back run which will test my pacing skills to the max!




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