I had an argument with myself this morning. Yesterday was a rest day and tonight is club night so I am running but……I haven’t biked my two days to work this week yet.


Today looked as if it was going to be a lovely afternoon for biking.

I was up early enough.

I need to complete my challenge that I have set myself.

It will all count towards a January challenge that I am taking part in and miles on the bike or running all count.

I could have a complete rest day tomorrow.


Tomorrow looks a bit blustery (read strong winds).

Biking is my cross training so I should not do it today but tomorrow.

I have a nagging concern that I may be doing a bit too much ever since I noted my higher than usual heartrate therefore running is enough for today and bike tomorrow.

I won’t be able to have a complete rest day tomorrow.


All this was honestly going on in my head. So which side won……….

Yep I biked. It was a truly beautiful ride home with clear blue skies and sunshine so I was glad I did but I wonder how I will get on at running club tonight?

Will I end up biking tomorrow too? I am not at all sure.


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