The tale of 12 miles

Thank you to all those who shared your brilliant ideas about how to trick my brain – they are banked for use another day. I managed to find yet another solution.  I took my eldest to a nearby forest and ran some of the marked ‘walks’ there. (He biked)

A view from my run.

A view from my run.

I had hoped that there would be a nice 10 mile loop to follow but alas not! We ended up following a 6 mile route that wasn’t quite 6 miles and then another, different 6 mile route that was again not 6 miles. Don’t worry I made up the extra – you don’t think that I could stop before 12 did you? 🙂

It was lovely – sandy (not so lovely) and quite undulating, my fitness tracker said that I went up 80 floors. When I set out I was on 3! I am not sure how it measures it but it feels about right according to my legs. The best thing was that I was out in the countryside with no cars to worry about and no knowledge of the route thus I was unable to constantly think how much further there was to go.

So I did, in effect do 2 loops of 6 miles, well 5 but they were different. I’m my head I actually broke it down further into 3 miles at a time – once I had done 1 mile I was nearly half way and then, once half way I was nearly at the 3. Yes I know I said I wouldn’t but it worked at the time.

So there we go – about 22 miles done for this week.

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