Running Communities

Where do you get information about your hobbies from? Over the years I have built up an amazing amount of knowledge about running, from a range of different sources. Some of it has come from books, some from magazines and some from simply trial and error. Probably the most useful information has come from other people.

Local Connections

I am lucky enough to know  several runners that live close to me, some that I run with and some that I simply share stories with.  I am also now entering into my second year of being a member of a running club. Last year I trained with the juniors (which did also include some adults but more recently I graduated to the adult section of my local running club and have connected with some more lovely people (who I have missed this week).  These all have a huge wealth of information with different experiences.

Social media

Social media adds a completely dimension to running connections. It allows me to reach out to people who train in completely different circumstances to me and who have a completely different experience altogether. A whole new world. I started this through my blog. Blogs are hugely informative, enjoyable and fun. More recently I found a huge group of people on twitter through @ukrunchat. This is a huge group of  people who you can ask anything of them. Someone will know the answer to the most obscure questions that you can think of. The support or encouragement is amazing.



Even more recently, (around Christmas time) I found another amazing group, this time on Facebook; runmummyrun. This is obviously a female only group but it is completely inspirational. If you are lacking in motivation a quick scroll through these posts will soon get you moving again. There is also a second-hand page (where I picked up my trail runners) and a healthy eating page.

Through these I have gained more knowledge than I thought possible, but I have also been able to share my knowledge with others. I have been inspired and tried to inspire others too as well as been completely humbled by the stories of truly amazing, brave people. To everyone, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Have I missed anything that has inspired you?

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