Two tough runs

Last Thursday, at running club my friend and I moved up a group. We were in the situation where one group was a bit slow for us and another a bit fast. We decided to go with the faster group and run at the back. Phew. It was a good but very challenging work out. We ran 6 miles at an average pace of 8.51 min miles. This did include a few stops at meet points.

I am sure it was good for us, just as I really hope that today’s cross-country has done me good too! It was 61/2 miles of boggy, waterlogged land. Even the kilometre long hill was all boggy. The wind was gusting along at 25 miles per hour (and happened to be against us up that killer hill). My legs were screaming as were my lungs. When I had finished one lady said that she had given up half way round. If only I knew that was a possibility! Oh well. To give you an idea of the type of run it was I had an average pace of 11.11 min mile. 2 minutes slower than Thursday!

I have peeled the muddy clothes off, scrubbed off the muddy tide marks and had a nice warm shower. My legs are achy and I am  tired. I am really hoping that next weeks half marathon feels easy in comparison. At least I will know that when my feet hit the ground I will know they will stay where they land and not slip, twist or sink. I will also get some bounce back from the road instead of the land sucking all the energy away.  Easy peasy right? (If only!) At least I will have a medal to show for next weeks efforts!

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