Another Busy Week

After my cross-country last Sunday (here) I am very relieved to report that I didn’t exaggerate at all. Everyone at the club this week agreed and commented on how tough it was. It seems that the course was longer than the normal length for Ladies cross-country. Several people have picked up minor injuries too which is a bit rubbish.

Recovery Run

I didn’t get away completely free as my legs were a bit achy on Monday but I was asked by a good friend to go for a run….how could I decline? I wanted to learn all about her amazing holiday. I agreed to an easy run which, for once, was what we did.  4-9 miles at an average pace of 10.35 minutes. Just what my legs needed. I started off at 11.something min miles and got faster as my legs loosened up.

Club run

Tuesday is club night. A shorter run was on the menu for it which suited me nicely. It actually ended up being 6 miles. After last Thursday we decided to brave the faster group again. Our average pace was 8.52. It felt easier than Thursday (I think that everyone was a bit slower tonight after the cross-country!)

Rest day?

I resisted the temptation to bike to work on Wednesday having done run for three days on the trot. I also had a busy day planned for Thursday with 2 runs.(Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!)

I had my Vo2 max done. It was hard work and I looked a bit like this. More on this will follow as it deserves a post all of its own. Suffice to say that it was quite hard work.

Club night 2

I ummmed and ahhhhed about going tonight as I had already worked really hard but didn’t want to let my friends down. It was very quiet as we have a big local race on Sunday and people were resting so I was glad I went. It was also not a very popular session! It involved running up a road that has a gentle incline. We used the lamp posts as markers – running fast and slow. I didn’t push myself too hard although I actually had no choice as my legs didn’t have that much in them.

On our way back the running leader said that I wouldn’t feel the benefit of that run for three weeks! That is just about in time for my second half marathon of the year.

A busy week on the running front but do please note that I have tried to be sensible as I have not biked at all this week, and I had no car one day! I don’t want to completely trash myself.


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