An ‘Easy’ Week

Following my 17 mile run on Good Friday I took three days off running completely. I did go to the gym on Monday morning but other than that gave myself a break. I was not sore following the run but was trying to give myself the best chance possible to recover. (My boys were also a little fed up with me disappearing off for 3 hours plus!)

This ‘taking it easy’ has been my motto throughout this training period. I have tried to be sensible and listen to my body, including allowing it to recover between sessions. So far this has worked for me….



Tuesday was club night: a session known as ‘Bury Road efforts’. Bury Road is just under a mile long and the efforts mean running up and down it using lamp posts as markers  – good effort to one followed by easy job to the next etc. Repeat. Unfortunately it was a nasty night with pouring rain. I decided to run with a friend who I like to ‘boss’ (according to her anyway, I see it as encouraging!) and did a good steady session. Not full-out but not exactly easy either. I would also like to add that many bailed out half way through due to the disgusting weather. (Halo time for us!)

Thursday was again a club session. I took along a friend for a try and felt very guilty abandoning her as I wanted to run a bit harder tonight so was going with a slightly faster group. The marathon is looming and I do not have many sessions left to develop my fitness before the big day. Luckily for me she enjoyed it and said that she will be going back (YAY). Unfortunately my session was hard going but I am pleased to report that I managed it.


We had a very gentle family bike ride of 6 miles on Friday but other than that I did nothing. I now realise that this was a mistake because I got all grumpy and agitated. I need running for my sanity!

I love to hear your thoughts and views.

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