Daily Greatness

Following my last post this post may come as a bit of a surprise! Sorry.

Over the Christmas period I had a sudden urge to buy a training journal so that I could  record all my fitness achievements. My requirements were quite specific:

  1. To be able to able to use it for my running.
  2. To be able to record my gym sessions.
  3. To be able to record my food (this is an area that I need to work on, especially when running longer distances.

Hmm well this turned out to be quite a task I can tell you! Most seem to be written for the gym, or for running, or for exercise but not food…. I asked on twitter and Facebook but still didn’t find anything to meet my exact requirements…..and I still haven’t!

What I did find was this:

Dailygreatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body, Mind & Spirit

I need some positivity in my life! This is a whole programme designed to improve your health and fitness over 12 weeks- perfect if your New Years Resolution is to get fitter and healthier. You can subscribe to the ‘Rocking Fit’ programme which is designed to improve you body, mind and spirit but I am going this alone!

Before starting on the actual journal bit there are a series of tasks to do. Now, believe me, I am not one for tasks, not…..at…..all. BUT I did find these thought provoking. I had to think about my values. This is one of those things where you go through the list and think…yes, yes, yes and then you get to the end and you have said yes to them all. I did, eventually manage to identify 5 key values  which was HUGE for me.

What I particularly like about these exercises are that they really make you think about what it is that you want to achieve, why and then the steps that you can do to achieve them (SMART goals anyone?) Yes, even I managed to set some goals which from someone with a huge aversion to setting goals is awesome.

Image result for setting goals quotes

Each day you have 8 daily steps to follow, all designed to keep you on track to achieve your goals. In the morning there are some questions designed to help you identify things that you are thankful for. Now I am rubbish at this and had to think really hard to identify 5 this morning (I know, in reality I have so much but, as I have said before, I tend to focus on the areas needing improvement.) I am hoping this improves! There are boxes to check if you drink 8 glasses of water, meditate and stretch. Then in the evening there are questions designed to get you to reflect on your day, identifying things that went well and things that you could improve on.

It is this that has inspired me to start my daily morning yoga sessions (yes, I am still doing them!) Stretching and mindfulness in one. I am definitely benefitting from this. I feel calmer as I start the day and the stretching can only improve too. When I first got the journal, I did wonder if I would find the time to fill it in, but I am. I am enjoying the enforced focus on me for a change, it feels like I am finally looking after myself properly and I AM WORTH IT. If I also manage to become a bit more positive and achieve some goals then all the better.

Image result for I am worth it quotes

I shall update you as I move further into it (I only started Monday). Right now though I am very excited by it. It will serve as a record of my training for the London Marathon but hopefully will give me some life skills and practises that will continue to benefit me for years to come.

Should you wish to purchase your own copy follow this link. You will get 5% off your purchase (and I will get a 10% referral reward). This is (I believe) something that everyone gets when they purchase one of their journals and has nothing to do with me reviewing their product.

Disclaimer: All the views in this post are my own. I have bought the book myself.


3 thoughts on “Daily Greatness

  1. jodiebodie

    After searching high and low for a journal that takes into account all of your requirements (running, gym, exercise, food) to no avail, have you thought about designing your own based on the formats that fit your style of working? You could then market the template as a downloadable file for others to get the benefit and maybe even a customisable version; e.g. calories or kilojoules, miles/km etc. You seem to have identified a gap in the market that needs to be filled. I have seen home organisational diaries being marketed in that way. Just a thought!

    The diary you have found looks like it is definitely on the right track. Naturally, at this time of year, diaries are a frequent topic of conversation and I’ve discovered this year that most of my friends use more than one diary; e.g. professional work diary and personal/family diary.

    I have a dual diary system that works for me – a large month to a spread for the basic household commitments that lives on my desk and includes the entire family schedule which is a super useful overview and helps me manage my activity level; and then a day-to-a-page portable A5 size with appointment times on one side so I can schedule each day in detail with plenty of room for lists, thoughts, notes etc. I call this type of diary my ‘everything book’. It started out as a medical diary for managing my health but it gradually became a daily manager for all sorts of things, not just medical.

    Good for you for sticking to your goals so far and fine tuning your activities; e.g. incorporating mindfulness, yoga, stretching, meditation into the one activity. Taking time to reflect on the good things in our lives is so important. Your daily greatness journal has already had a positive influence on you! Keep it up and you are bound to continue doing great things this year. Happy 2017!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I did think about designing my own but I wanted a nice book and one that was sorted for me b you are right. I should probably do it. I now have this journal and another that has work commitments as well as family ones. The trouble that we find is finding the time to co-ordinate my husbands diary with mine!

      1. jodiebodie

        When it comes to coordinating everyone’s schedules, I hear you! I use a different coloured ink for different people in the giant stay-at-home-open-on-the-desk diary; e.g. regular commitments that do not change are in black, my appointments in blue, children’s activities in red, tentative appts in pencil. That works for us but as the children are getting older and more independent it is getting harder to keep up with them and a booking system for use of the car is imminent!
        There are online diary/scheduling programs that can coordinate the schedules of multiple family members but that requires everyone to be using the program. Personally, I find online/phone schedulers tricky to use because phone screens are small, it is fiddly to enter the information and it cannot display an overview to the same detail as my big desk diary. Some days, I just don’t want to wait for the computer to boot up just so I can glance at a calendar. Paper and pen are simple and quick.
        I’ll be interested to know how you resolve the coordination of diaries in your household.
        Good luck! 🙂


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