Chatteris to March

Sorry for the complete silence recently. We have a family member that is really poorly. That has taken priority as well as a lot of emotional energy. Hopefully the emotional rollercoaster has stabilised a bit.

This run came close on the heels of the previous 2 but was no less enjoyable. It was also in a part of the county/diocese that I had very little knowledge of as it is not somewhere that I go very often. Unfortunately I did not have any volunteers to run with me this week but instead I had some very detailed directions as to the route I should take.

IMG_1651AI set off having had the obligatory photographs. I am constantly amazed that people turn up at 9ish on a Saturday morning to wave me off.

As I had done three of these runs this week it meant that I had missed out on some of the other training runs that I do in order to fit them in. For some odd reason I decided that instead of just completing the distance today I would include intervals within it. I did 1 mile warm up and then started to run 0.25 of a mile at a faster pace followed by a recovery of the same distance. I figured that I would probably end up walking the recovery section but in reality I was surprised by how good I felt. I managed to run them all, and at a pace that I was pleased with.


Half way I passed through a place called Doddington where I was met by some more lovely people (I was a bit more sweaty than normal but nobody seemed to mind.)IMG_1653A

I didn’t stay long which always feels a bit rude seeing how these people have made the effort to come out and see me but if I hung around I would get too stiff. A bit further on and I completed my last interval (narrowly missing out on being tripped over by a dog!) and then I entered March. When I don’t know a place and I arrive I think that the run is nearly over and today, of all days I was ready to stop. Unfortunately it was one of the occasions when I had quite a lot further to go. I passed a church near the edge but this wasn’t where I was headed. I had about another mile to go. This is really cruel as my brain had thought I was finished, only to have to carry on. Pure torture. I was in fact, headed right in the middle of the market town.

As always it was worth getting there. I was presented with a medal which always has to be worth it! I think this medal was almost more appreciated than the one I will get once I complete the marathon as it was so unexpected!medal

There was also a coffee morning (tea is always very welcome) and we sat around and had a really lovely chat (well I mostly chatted and everyone listened but there was some discussion!).


All in all another lovely run. I ran in a new place, met some amazing people, surprised myself with how well I managed to complete my intervals and got more miles under my belt.


4 thoughts on “Chatteris to March

  1. DrJuliet

    Sorry to hear about your relative, hope they are ok.
    What great support you’re getting and what a fab way to cover all your miles. Well done, keep it up. xx

  2. Audrey kirk

    Was lovely to see you on Saturday – sorry we disappeared and missed you leaving! Bonnie and her friend passed you on their way to Cottenham! Take care and hope news is better on family illness – thoughts and prayers to all xx

  3. jodiebodie

    It’s sad news that your relative is not well. My thoughts are with you. I hope you were able to fully focus on your run now that your relative’s condition has stabilised. It is so important to take time out to nurture yourself doing your favourite things so you can return to your responsibilities refreshed.

    I’m sure the run was a welcome emotional break from the family stress of a family member taken ill. These situations affect entire families. It’s not only caring for the person who is ill, but the need to take extra care of each other – caring for the carers.

    The photos are lovely and it is nice to see you looking pleased and also having fun. I love how you have to challenge yourself with lots of little goals along the way to achieving your big goal. You certainly make the most of every opportunity and I admire that.

    Take care and all the best for you and your family.
    Jodie xx


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