Soham, Fordham and Burwell

Back on home territory for this one and running partners. 🙂 However my plan said that I had to do cover 16 miles (gulp!)

IMG_1635This was another early start (8.30!) but again people turned up to see us off. The two people on the right were the first people who had opted (been persuaded?) to run with me. I actually went to school with the lady and have not seen her for years so was delighted that she had said she would join me. She promised a lot of moaning but in truth I didn’t hear one moan pass her lips for the whole way.

From the photo you can probably tell that it was quite cold but it wasn’t that bad once we were running. The first leg was three miles and despite being close to home was not a route that I had ever run before.


All too soon we were at our first destination, Fordham and the point where I would meet my next partner. I fear that she was far too nervous and underestimating of her own ability. She was  absolutely fine. She picked the worst bit of the route today – a busy road with a fairly strong headwind but she certainly gave me a run for my money. At one point I think I had to ask her to slow down a bit  as I was all too aware of the extra miles that I needed to cover before the day was out!

IMG_1637See, smiles now that we have finished. At this point I picked up 2 of my boys on their bikes to do the last 8 miles with me. In my head I was doing 4 miles out and 4 miles back as this was where I needed to finish.  That was doable wasn’t it? I felt Ok at this point but my head would play its bad games in the miles to come. Why is it, however that when you feel like death anyone who sees you says that you look fresh? (Maybe because I put on a great act before dying again once they have passed!)

Eventually I managed it however and returned back to a lovely coffee morning where I actually managed to look like I had a tiny bit of energy left!

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