Welcome to my blog where I share my adventures in the activities that I do in an attempt to stay sane whilst bringing up my young family of three boys: running, knitting, crocheting, blogging and, more recently, making jewellery.

My Blog

I am a teacher at heart with my main aim in life to help people. Through this blog I share:

  • all the things that I have learnt about blogging in the hope that you can successfully join in with this amazing experience. You can find all the tutorials that I have done under the menu Blogging Tips at the top of the page.
  • my journey in learning how to use wire and beads to make unique knitted and crocheted jewellery to sell in an e shop.
  • my adventures as a crochet designer and test knitter / crocheter and all the things that go along with that
  • the ups and downs in my training along with any top tips and advice that I come across.
  • My newest adventure is making ‘traditional’ jewellery and writing a blog over at Spoilt Rotten Beads.

In other words if you are a crafter, who does a bit of exercise on the side and would like to or already have a blog then you may just enjoy this.

My Goals

My goal is to provide honest posts that include the good and the bad. Whenever I struggle I will point you in the way of the sources of my learning and improvement thus hopefully, helping you to learn new skills too (unless you are the teacher of course) 😉

I typically post three times a week.

My Top Posts

If you are new to my blog you might like to have a look at some of my most popular posts:

Who am I?

I am a busy Mum of three boisterous boys. I suffered from post natal depression after my third son. As a way of helping to improve my mood and relieve some of the stress someone suggested that I take up knitting and crochet again. This was something that I hadn’t done since being a teenager. It helped greatly.

Then one of my friends found a book about knitting and crocheting with wire. Things have continued to evolve from then on. I can no longer imagine life without my craft, blog and running (the one constant throughout everything).

Throughout this process I have changed a lot. I see this blog as a place to share my journey, connect with other like-minded people and also, maybe, to help other people reap the benefits that I have.

My Contact Information

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. The location of the other Blog that I am currently writing about my adventures in jewellery Making is here.

Do join me as I share my passions along with the highs and lows of my journey. Along the way I hope that we will be able to exchange tips and advice to help us grow and develop. I look forward to getting to know you.

Alice xx

Alice in Wonderland - If I had a World of my o...

If I had a world of my own…..

32 thoughts on “About

  1. Nic Corrigan

    I love both knitting and running and think there is a bit of a link between what you can get from both of them! Sounds like an interesting blog so going to add you as well!

  2. byhook

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Like you I am new to this, although I see that your posts are more frequent than mine! Well done! I absolutely love the crocheted rings you are making – they are beautiful 🙂

  3. Patty

    Hello Kintnrun4sanity! Thanks for the comment on my blog, it was really great to read your kind words. I must say I totally agree with you knitting and running are two healthy mind feeders. I was amazed with the kind of crochet you make and I specially loved the necklaces. I’ll be stopping by whenever you have new posts. Till then good crafts and good runnings! 🙂

  4. healthyfrenchie

    Thanks fir stopping by my blog! I keep trying to get myself motivated to knit again. Then come winter I’ll have a new scarf rather than starting one in December and having it ready too late aha

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  6. Elizabeth

    Alice! I have been following your blog for a while, but a mutual friend has just told me that it’s you! You taught me to crochet at time for me, and I used to go to MOPS? Anyway, I was so delighted! Lots of love, E

  7. thestitchsharer

    I love your revamped About me page. It is really good to read more about you and I love the way you have linked it to some our your posts. I will be acting on your advice and redoing my own thank you. X

  8. *Wisher*

    Hi Alice.. yay.. you are the winner for the Giveaway pacakge.. please contact me and provide me your mailing address and your package will be sent out soon.. thank you for joining.. 😀

  9. helen

    Hello Alice, I was nominated for a ‘Liebster blog award’ and in turn I’ve nominated your blog. I can’t actually find any origins for this and it seems like a bit of a chain letter but anything that drives a bit of traffic can only be a good thing! I think I was supposed to set some questions but as I don’t like to pry I haven’t. Reading the comments in this section I can see you’ve already been nominated for a few! Don’t worry if you do not want to participate. Helen


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