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Knit and crochet patterns

So how long should it be?

I have been working really hard on a crochet scarf this week. It is not a hard project to work . I have lovely yarn to use and it grows quite quickly. It has been a nice project to sit and do whilst watching Wimbledon.

I said that it grows quickly and it does when it comes to completing the pattern repeat. As for the overall length however I would have to disagree.

When I started off I thought 2 skeins would be enough (this is about 100 yards of  yarn ). As the end of the second skein came my thoughts were along the lines of:

hmmm not quite long enough, maybe I will do the third.

I have now finished the third skein and am still not sure that it is long enough! (Yes even with the required blocking.) I was a little disappointed – you know that feeling you get when you think that you have finished something? You have worked really hard to get it finished only to find that you haven’t?

So what is the correct length for a scarf?

As you would expect. There is no correct answer as personal preference comes into play and different styles also have a bearing on it.


The only advice that I could find is:

The general rule is the scarf should be about the same length as the person.

Go-on admit it, how many of you will be going to lie down next to one of your scarves in  the near future? (I have already had a go myself if that helps?)

The things that you never think about despite using them all the time! Have you ever had a situation like this?

With it being Sunday I am now going to head over to Handmade Harbour to catch up with all the lovely crafty blogs over there. Do come and join in. 🙂

Fruit Yarn Bombing

This week I read a very interesting post from Crochetime. To be honest all her posts are interesting (if you don’t know it do go and have a look, especially if you like crochet), but this one really caught my attention. It was entitled ‘You can be part of a yarnbomb’.

I have always admired people who take the time to go and decorate public places for no other reason than to bring pleasure to anyone passing through. Here is my chance to have a go for myself! All I have to do is crochet some pieces of fruit. I can do that. There are even patterns supplied. Me being me however I decided to have a go at making my own up. I have stuck to the easier shaped fruits (and the ones that I have the correct colour yarn for.)

Some Cherries.


A Strawberry.

A Strawberry.

A bunch of grapes.

A bunch of grapes.

There is a need for a lot of fruit so if anyone is reading this who feels able to contribute something then do please get involved. The more the merrier. I have written down my patterns for you if you would like to use them (at the end of this post) or there is a link on Crochetime’s blog for more. It is a great way for using up some of your stash and doesn’t take too long.

As always this week I am popping over to handmade harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week. Do come and join me. 🙂

All patterns are in UK terms. I used a 4mm hook throughout but tension, yarn and size are not crucial in this pattern at all.


(make 2)

Create a magic circle by winding the thread around your finger a few times. With the hook pull the yarn through.

Round 1: Ch 1 (counts as first dc), 10dc into the ring. Join the last dc to the first ch with a slst.

Round 2: Ch2 (counts as first tr) 2 tr into each dc. 1 tr into the same space as the first ch. Join to 2nd ch with a slst.

Round 3: ch2 (counts as first tr) 2 tr into each dc. 1 tr into the same space as the first ch. Join to 2nd ch with a slst.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

I am afraid that I haven’t written down the pattern for the stalk and leaf but will amend this asap!


(make 10)

Create a magic circle by winding the thread around your finger a few times. With the hook pull the yarn through.

Round 1: Ch 1 (counts as first dc), 10dc into the ring. Join the last dc to the first ch with a slst.

Round 2: Ch2 (counts as first tr) 2 tr into each dc. 1 tr into the same space as the first ch. Join to 2nd ch with a slst.

To make the stork:

Join yarn to the edge of one of the top middle ‘grapes’. 1ch, 1dc into the other ‘grape’ the other side of the gap.  Turn.

Row 2: 1ch (counts as a dc) 1dc into next dc. turn.

Rows 3 and 4: as row 2.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.


I wanted to make this all bumpy like a real strawberry so have alternated working into the front loop with the back loop. It is an experiment so would love to know what you think.


Row 1: 2ch (counts as 1dc), 1dc into front loop, 1dc into back loop of ch. Turn.

Row 2: 2ch (counts as 1dc), 1dc into front loop of same st. *1dc into back loop of next dc, 1dc into front loop of next dc repeat from *once  more. Turn.

Row 3: 2ch (counts as 1dc), 1dc into front loop of same st. *1dc into back loop of next dc, 1dc into front loop of next dc repeat from *once more.Turn.

Row 4: 2ch (counts as 1dc), 1dc into front loop of same st. *1dc into back loop of next dc, 1dc into front loop of next dc, 1dc into back of the same st.Turn.

Row 5: 2ch (counts as 1dc), 1dc into front loop of same st. *1dc into back loop of next dc, 1dc into front loop of next dc repeat from *once more. 1dc into back loop of last dc. Turn work.

Row 6: 2ch (counts as 1dc), *1dc into back loop of next dc, 1dc into front loop of next dc repeat from * twice more. Turn.

Row 7: 2ch, miss 1dc, 1dc into next dc. 1s.

Row 8: 2 slst into next 2dc. Turn.

Row 9: 2ch, 1dc into next dc. 1 slst into next dc.

Row 10: miss 1dc, 1dc into next dc, 1ch, Slst into next dc.

Fasten off.

For the stalk.

Join yarn at the top. 1ch, 1dc into next st in the strawberry. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

If you do follow one of these patterns then I would love to see. 🙂

Beaded Flower Pattern (in wire)

At the WI last week another pattern that I had available was for this little flower:

I put it onto a hair grip but could be adapted for other things.

It is crocheted and this one is in very fine wire. It would work in thicker wire or another yarn. Many people seem to be interested in trying out crocheting with wire which is why I devised this pattern. I have sent some home with some people who were unable to have a go on the night and have vaguely wondered if it might be a  good idea to put some kits together to sell. What do you think – do you think that people would be interested?

Here is one that was completed on the night by someone:

This was done with a larger hook so came out a bit bigger but is really pretty.

The wire that I took with me was very fine and not good for beginner crocheters but they did still manage to complete something that was unique to them.

For those of you with a bit of wire stashed away somewhere (and I do know that you are out there) and fancy having a go here is the pattern that I came up with:

Wire, Beaded Crochet Flower

This is a flower that starts with a magic circle so it can be pulled tight. Dc’s and Tr’s are then worked around the ring.


All the stitches are in UK terms for conversion see here.

ss: slip stitch

ch: chain

dc: double treble

tr: treble

Thread 10 beads onto the wire.

Make a Magic ring by wrapping the wire around your finger. With your hook, pull the yarn through. For an excellent tutorial on how to do a magic ring see the stitchsharers post here.

Round 1: 1 ch, 19dc into loop. Ss to 2nd ch of 2 ch. Pull loop tight.

Round 2: 3ch, 1tr into next dc placing bead in the final pull through –(yarn around hook, through dc, yarn around hook, pull through dc, yarn around hook pull through 2 loops on hook, pull bead up, yarn around hook, pull through the remaining 2 loops on hook. The bead should be in place.)  *1tr into next dc, 1 tr into next dc with bead placed at the top. Repeat from * until all beads used. Ss into 3rd chain of initial 3ch. Cast off.

There should be a bead in every other treble around the top.

Finishing off: Weave in ends. Attach a hair piece or brooch back as desired.

If you try this I would love to see what you produce. Enjoy 🙂

The mystery knitting project



Knitting Needles






Knitting Needles                                     Croch8 (The crochet hook king!)          And SHE!

Twins: knits 7                                                                         

Twins: knits 8

Twins knits 9

In a dark, dusty, forgotten corner in a large jumble lay the knitting needles. They are beginning to get a bit disgruntled:

knits 9: You know what? Ever since SHE bought that stupid book about wire jewellery we never get to see the light of day. It is all those skinny crochet hooks that get all the action.

Knits 8: Yeah, I do hope SHE forgets about it soon – SHE had only just started to knit again after all those years when we were shut away in the dark. SHE can’t put us back in there can she? I can’t cope, please noooooooo

Knits 9: Oh do stop! You know what SHE is like – it will just be a passing fancy.

Knits 7 rushes in.

Knits 9: Anything to report?

Knits 7: You just have to come and look at this:


Knits 8: Oh it is the end again, look SHE has gone and spent loads of money on her wire jewellery. SHE has never done that for us. Do we get our own little compartment? No, we are just all muddled in together, spilt apart from our twins, in a jumbled up mess in an old dolls sleeping bag. It is the end I tell you…..

Knits 9: STOP. I agree it doesn’t look very good but we must not lose hope. We are not in the attic yet.

A few weeks later the needles feel movement and are then suddenly exposed to the light.

Knits 9: Oooooh, be careful will you, I’ll get sea sick……..ooooooh mind the light awwwwww.

Knits 7: Oh choose me, choose me.

Knits 8: Is she…. yes over here…..thats it….OH NO!

Knits 9: Now, now, never mind. It will be your turn one day today it is knits 5.

Knits 7: But WHEN, I want a go now. SHE is sooo mean.

Knits 8: Yes but at least SHE is going to knit something for a change and she is using a proper sized needle, not one of those skinnies!

Knits 7: Yes, yes I suppose you are right.

Later that night when everyone had gone to bed:

Knits 7: Oi, Knits 5 – whats happening, what are you doing.

Knits 5 rushes over:

Knits 5: Well you are so not going to believe this. We are working with bright pink yarn.

Knits 8: Never, are you sure?

Knits 5: We can hardly miss it. We need sun glasses it is so bright! SHE had this choice of dark green, yellow, turquoise but chose bright pink. I don’t know what has got into HER.


Knits 9: Hmmmm sounds interesting. What are you knitting?

Knits 5: Don’t know.

Knits 9: What do you mean you don’t know? Isn’t there a pattern?

Knits 5: No, no pattern. We cast on 64 stitches and are working a 4 row pattern. Haven’t quite got it yet but will tell you when I have. probably tomorrow if SHE knits as much as she did today.

Knits 9: How very odd. I wonder what has got into the old girl. We shall have to wait and see I suppose.

The next evening knits 7, 8 and 9 go over to knits 5. They are asleep.

knits 8: oi wake up will you. WAKE UP.

Knits 5: c bhgsadliu;HEAFNC VJ Oh its you. Go away will you? We are tired.

Knits 8:  We can see that. Before you go back to sleep can you give us an update?

Knits 5 : Well I suppose so. SHE is on some sort of mission. At every opportunity SHE is working us.

Knits 9: (muttering) Its alright for some! (louder) So go on what are you knitting?

Knits 5. We honestly don’t know. We are just knitting a straight bit of work.

Knits 9: And the pattern?

knits 5: It is a pattern with 4 rows.

Row 1 is pearl 4. Then into the next stitch knit into the front, into the back and then back into the front again. We are basically making two new stitches. These are then repeated until the end of the row.

Then the next row is knit 4, pearl 3 until the end.

Row three is pearl 4, knit three together and repeat again until the end of the row. This time we are getting rid of the extra 2 stitches we made before.

The final row of the pattern is knit 4 and pearl 1 until the end.

It is quite easy but I have to say we are very tired having done it nearly all day!

Knits 8: Ok we will leave you now.croch8

Knits 5: Thanks we have already been bothered by  wanting to know what we are doing. He is not happy!

Knits 7: He is just jealous now that we are finally getting our turn! Ok you have a rest now. Maybe we will know more tomorrow.

The next day the needles are jolted awake.

Knits 8: What, what is going on?………..Oh its you why are you back?

Knits 5: We told you SHE was on a mission. We’re done. According to Croch8 one of his lot are working now.

Knits 7: So you must know what you have made?

Knits 5: Ummm no, not really – it is just a large bit of knitting.

knits 7: So what is the crochet guys doing?

Knits 5: We don’t know do we – we are in here!

They all go back to sleep, only to be rudely awoken a bit later as they are tipped out over the floor.

 All Knits: OIY, OUCH, Hey….. Oh I don’t believe it. SHE does love us – we have our very own home!

A little while later Croch8 comes over.

Croch8: Hey you lot any room for us in there?

Knits 6: No.

Croch8 slumps off, sadly.

To be continued…………….?


Knitting needle picture from: My Matryoshka

 Crochet hook picture from: Nerdigurumi

A rebirth!

For those of you that read about my Mothers day brooch you may remember that it started life out like this:

I then made all sorts of changes that then finally evolved into the final gift. That however is not quite the end of the story. This exact design also evolved a bit. Actually evolved is not really the correct term as this piece no longer exists – I pulled it apart and started again, making the changes as I went. I suppose rebirth may be a better term? I had no choice to take this apart because I am largely experimenting at the moment and so have limited resources. I buy what I like and then make what I can from what I have instead of knowing what I will make when I buy! Anyway it would be wasteful not to reuse the beads (and maybe the wire in the future). I like to think of myself as environmentally friendly!

Enough of my waffling. Here is what I made:

As you can see, I did not change much – just the wire really.

For those of you wishing to have a go the pattern is here. You will see that it is the same as the mothers day brooch but finishes a round earlier.  Enjoy!


Pattern for Mothers Day Brooch


                                                         You will need:

                                      A total of 20 crystals (I used Swarovski, 4 yellow, 8 dark red and 8 light red.

                                                   0.315mm Silver plated wire

                                                                                                          3.5mm crochet hook

Step 1: You need to thread the beads/crystals onto the wire in the reverse order that you want them to appear i.e. I put the yellow crystals on last as these were the first ones that I would be using in my pattern.

Step 2: Crochet 4 chains dropping a crystal into place just before you pull the loop through. Slip stitch to first chain.

Step 3: *4 Trebles into space between the first 2 crystals, Repeat 3 more times from * so that there are 4 trebles between each crystal. Slip stitch to the first treble.

Step 4: *2 chain, 2 chain with a crystal dropped into place before you pull the wire through to complete the stitch, 1 chain, miss three treble. Slip stitch into 4th treble.  Repeat from* three more times putting the last slip stitch into the treble where you started from.

Step 5:   Keeping the chain behind the previous round * 3 chain, 2 chain with a crystal dropped into place before you pull the wire through to complete the stitch, 2 chain, miss three treble. Slip stitch into 4th treble (ensuring you are behind the previous loop). Repeat from* three more times putting the last slip stitch into the treble where you started from. Cast off.

One of the benefits of working with wire (and slightly thicker wire), is that it holds its shape. I wanted to make this brooch 3D so I pulled the front 4 chains forward slightly and they do stay forward a bit. I am sure that you could add more loops to make it more 3D. Have a go and let me know what you come up with. Good luck.

(If you cannot understand my instructions then please ask.)

From simple beginnings……

Remember these?

I made these using an edging pattern named as Sunflower edging. To start with I made one out of wool to see how the pattern went:

From this I decided that the first 4 rounds of the pattern would be enough. I then went on and made the earings, adding in 4 loops at the end for the beads. As I was making the earings I devised an idea for a necklace. This weekend the necklace came into being as the Peacock necklace:

It is simply made up from 3 larger wheels or sunflowers and 5 smaller ones. I added a bead into the middle for more interest and simply sewed them together. I am really proud of this. It is a real statement piece. Although my nearest and dearest says I should call it the ‘Terrier’ necklace as that is what it looks like!

So….from a simple beginning evolved several ideas. As such I am going to share with you the basic pattern so you can have a go and see what you can come up  with – I would love to see them.

For the earings I used :                                                                                                                                                           

2mm green wire                                                                                                                                                                                    

4 small beads for each earing

2mm crochet hook.

Abbreviations: ch = chain

dc = double crochet

Note: When using beads you need to thread the beads onto the thread before you begin.

After threading the beads onto the thread wind the thread around your finger about 7 times. Slip off your finger.

Round 1: Work 40dc into the ring. ss to the first chain.

Round 2: 1ch, 1dc into each dc to the end, ss to first ch.

Round 3: as round 2.

Round 4: *5ch, miss 1dc, 1dc into next dc, rep from *to end, working last dc into ss at end of round 3.

Loops at the bottom: *2ch, slip a bead into place and 1 ch, 3 ch  miss 1 ch on wheel ss into next,  repeat from* until 4 loops are made.  Cast off.

You can alter the size using different sized hooks or different thickness of wire/yarn. The necklace I made used wire 3.2 mm thick.

I hope that you have a go and experiment a bit. Good luck.

P.s I hope to have some basic info up soon for anyone who is new to crochet.