Flower earings

                              You will need:

                            12 beads (Iused 4 yellow and 6 turquoise)

                             2mm silver plated wire

                                                                            2 earing findings

                                                                            2.5mm crochet hook


Step 1: You need to thread the beads/crystals onto the wire in the reverse order that you want them to appear i.e. I put the yellow beads on last as these were the first ones that I would be using in my pattern.

Step 2: Crochet 4 chain dropping a crystal into place just before you pull the loop through. Slip stitch to first chain.

Step 3: *4 Trebles into space between the first 2 crystals, Repeat 3 more times from * so that there are 4 trebles between each crystal. Slip stitch to the first treble.

Step 4: *2 chain, 2 chain with a crystal dropped into place before you pull the wire through to complete the stitch, 1 chain, miss three treble. Slip stitch into 4th treble.  Repeat from* three more times putting the last slip stitch into the treble where you started from.

Step 5: Crochet 4 chain (or the length you want) and fasten off. You then attach the earing hook to the end of this chain.

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