Do you get mentally tired too?

I have spent the last 2 weeks feeling a bit unmotivated about running or rather my brain was up for it but my legs just haven’t been! Yesterday however there was a bit of a change – I started a slow run and honestly felt that I could go on for a fair while. Unfortunately (or maybe because of) I was not able to run far as I had agreed to go to a boot camp session. In my area they run 6 week blocks and then run 1 week free. I like the free weeks! (Who wouldn’t?) Being a member of a gym I don’t really feel justified in paying for boot camp as well but I do enjoy it. Yesterday the lovely (?) lady made me do a total of about 40 burpees followed by as many shuttle runs. I have to say that my thighs are very sore today! I can’t even contemplate running despite it being beautiful weather.

I do have one question – does anyone else get mentally tired after exercise? I know that I have three small(ish) boys but I do notice that I am more tired after intense exercise. I don’t just mean achy but overall. Why is this and is there anything I can do to help?

So, this week I have done 2 boot camps (including running to and from (about 1 mile each way)) and not a lot else! I have a run planned tomorrow. I know – it will have to be a long one! I have enjoyed the exercise however and have challenged myself in different ways to distance and speed which can only be good. Oh yes, and have I ever mentioned that we live a whole mile away from the school wich means that on most days I walk 4 miles and on some 6!!? That is of course in addition to any running or ‘formal’ exercise I do.

I love to hear your thoughts and views.

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