Neglectful – sorry.


I have been a bit neglectful with writing about my running. This is for two reasons:

1: I didn’t do very well with my goal the first missed week

2: I was busy with the blogathon. I did however do some running and gym sessions.

The week beginning 16.4.12 was particularly bad. The previous week I had been shouting about how well I had done with my goal of 20 miles per week and then….. lets just say that pride comes before a fall!!!! I only managed 2 runs and a total of 6 miles. I do think that I did a couple of gym sessions including one hill session on the treadmill of 7 miles. I was really pleased with the hill session and thought that I would be up for a longish run on Sunday but my legs thought otherwise! So the total was13  miles.

The next week was a bit better. I even managed 2 runs in one day! The total mileage for this week was 14..48miles but…. yes I did another hill session on Sunday at the gym (well it was raining) which brings the total to 21.48 miles. Not enough to make up for the previous week but not bad I do not think.

This week is going really well (careful – pride comes before a fall!) I have already done 12.64 miles and it is only Wednesday! (My weeks run Monday to Sunday!) Ooops nearly forgot the 2.5miles I did in the gym yesterday (yes it was raining!) That brings my total up to 15.14miles – even better!



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I was especially proud of my run today – I did 6miles at an average pace of 8.54! For me that is good. Also I made the brilliant (?) choice of going off-road, remember that we have just had the wettest April on record! Lets just say that at one point I had a fair bit more weight on my feet than normal! I think those hill sessions are paying off.

I’m off now to update my totals. Have any of you done a run that you are proud of recently? I would love to hear. Have a good week.

I have caught up! – update 9.5.12

The week before last I did not achieve my goal of running 20 miles in the week. I manged 13 – a shortful of 7 miles. Last week however I more than made up for this shortfall (yay).  I ran 30 miles in total. That means that I made up the decifit and have even got 2 miles in the bank!

The down side is that this week my legs are heavy, very heavy! I decided to take it easy yesterday and ran just 3 miles. I thought that this would give my legs a chance to recover ready for today. It didn’t work! I set out today on a 6 miler remembering the high of last week that I experienced. Unfortunately this week was just a struggle! I kept going however and in the end was quite pleased with my average pace (8.58) if you are asking. Not as good as last week but not bad considering how I struggled! My legs are hurting so tomorrow will have to be a rest day in the hope that I can run 6 miles on Friday again! We shall see!

I hope your weeks are going well – do let me know 🙂


I was feeling so happy with myself a week or so ago. I had picked up my average pace and managed to meet my goal of 20 miles in a week. Last week my legs began to feel quite heavy and this week I am not very motivated at all. The heaviness just doesn’t seem to go! I am wondering if I should just be a bit nice to myself this week? I would not mind cutting back a bit if I knew that I would be better next week but there is just no guarantees in this game.

Yesterday it was cold and the sky was heavy with rain so I decided to chicken out and go to the gym. At the gym they were painting which always makes me wheezy and the air con was not working. I managed to do 10 repeats of 2 min hill, 2 min recovery but when I had finished someone asked me why had I thrown a bottle of water over myself. I kid you not! That was about 4 miles. Today I have just been for a run with my friend and whilst we had a really good gossip the distance was nowhere near my usual 6 miles. (Not that I probably would have done that anyway!) The result is that this time  last week I had run  9 mile , this week I have only managed 7! A long way to go which seems very daunting at the moment!

Do you think it matters if you take an easy week occasionally or should you push yourself through it? I would love to hear your thoughts.

10 thoughts on “Neglectful – sorry.

  1. craftsbythesea

    This afternoon I ran 5k/3.05m in 42m 50s which is not fast compared to some but I’ve reduced it from over 45 minutes. this week is also week 16 from when I started to learn to run.

  2. Nic Corrigan

    Still sounds impressive to me – considering all the rain!! Especially venturing off road. I’m just beginning to try building my runs back up again after a niggling injury and am doing a fair few short runs. But am planning to try 12-15kms on Saturday morning around Richmond Park. Really hope it is dry! I will certainly feel proud if I manage that! Then I need to start thinking about different types of run – there really is so much to think about once you get into this running lark!!! Good luck with your next run Nic x

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thanks. Someone told me that the weekend is forecast to be cold again (frosty!!). Lets hope that means that you won’t get wet (we can but dream). Enjoy the run – I shall be thinking of you and let me know how it goes 🙂

      1. Nic Corrigan

        Thanks for that – I’ll have to wrap up warm as I normally do the run at 7am. Will try and put an update on my blog – been meaning to add a section on running for ages!


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