Training 2013

Being a new year I have decided to start a new page. I am still slightly unsure of the best way to record my running totals and training progress (any ideas will be gratefully received). I am so glad that I did record my running totals last year as I found it amazing to see how many miles I racked up! I will continue this as well as record my training for the Cambridge Half marathon which takes place in March. The idea of this being that if I have to record it then I shall not attempt to skive off.

Running totals:













Training diary:

2nd Jan: Good session at the gym. Treadmill hill session: 10x 2min sprint (8.50-8.30) up incline (3-4) with 3 min rest (10-10.30 mostly). I ran a total of 5 miles. 1 mile warm up and cool down on bike. Feel nicely tired. 🙂 Good start so far.

4th Jan: 3mile ‘steady’ night run.  Average pace 8.42. Found it hard to keep the pace up in the really dark areas as don’t like putting feet down blind.

6th Jan: 8.04 miles. Average pace 9.06. Was really pleased with this pace.

8th Jan: 5 miles. Average 9.12. This was my first run with a running friend.

10th Jan: Treadmill hill session: 10x 2min sprint (8.50-8.30) up incline (3-4) with 3 min rest (10-10.30 mostly). I ran a total of 5 miles. I really did not want to do this as felt tired. Put it off as long as I could but, in the end was quite pleased as I didn’t give in. Was told that I looked shattered in the changing rooms but I was!

12th Jan: 10.5 mile run. Did not mean to run this far. Legs felt awful at the end and very nearly threw up but I did it. Again ran with friend. It was her first long run for a while so we never set out to be fast (or run that far!) She did really well 🙂 Average pace was 10.11 but we did do a bit of paddling through and around puddles on the way, as well as across some slippery mud (yes I know excuses but it does all have an effect!)

Weekly total: 28.54 miles!

I love to hear your thoughts and views.

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