Training progress (3)

The Dragon:

Yes I am afraid that it may be me! I went out with a friend this week and wouldn’t let her stop when she wanted to. I did let her slow down (I am not THAT bad) and in the end she said she was pleased she hadn’t stopped but it doesn’t stop me from feeling like a dragon. Oh well, I can’t have been that bad because she did ask me if I wanted to go out tonight :).

So last week was quite a good week in the end! I ran 25.5 miles. Within that I did 9.5miles. I am more than happy with that! This week is going ok too although legs felt a bit heavy Monday and today but I had a good speed session yesterday. I didn’t therefore have a more restful week after all. I am coming to the conclusion that it is all in the head. What do you think? Check out my totals here.

Happy running 🙂

Roadwork interference! 1.5.12

I never wrote about last week and as I have been busy doing other things this week I shall go back. I was pleased with last week. I ran a total of almost 24 miles which I was pleased about. The pace was not always that great and my excuses are:

1) The weather suddenly got hot and I find that hard,

2)Roadworks!! I stupidly thought that despite the signs saying the road was closed for resurfacing, this would not apply to me. How wrong can a girl be? I duly set off. They had done one side of the road and I stupidly thought that being just after 12 they would be having their lunch break but no. They had a huge machine/monster thing that was spitting out tar at its rear taking up the whole road. (Well I could have run on the new tarmac but thought that I might pick most of it up on the bottom of my shoes.) I (sensibly) went onto the verge which is very uneven and so walked. The workmen gave me the oddest looks and my average time went through the floor.

Today was similar. All week they have had diversions up along one of the roads I use a lot. I have managed to avoid it for a week but today I stupidly though that I would be able to get through, surely they must have finished now? No. I met two walkers who said that they couldn’t see a way through and so were going back. After last week I decided not to take any risks and also turned around. Unfortunately I had stopped running to talk to these ladies which also meant me average time was low!

I am not too bothered because at least I am running the miles. I have also noticed that I have raised my expectations a lot. At the beginning of this year I was happy to run about 10 min pace. Then it went to between 9/9.30 but now it seems to be under 9 minutes. This has not been a conscious decision and one that I have come to realise gradually. Whenever I look  at my Garmin I now expect it to be under 9 minutes and if it is not then I speed up so that it is. How did this happen? Why did this happen? I know that I am meant to improve but surely I should be aware of my change of expectations, not them to just creep up on me? Has this happened to you? Do please share so I don’t feel quite as odd!  Thanks and happy running.

Oh and see here for my May totals.

No Pain No Gain 7.6.12

My big question this week is why does it not hurt at the time but later? If it hurt at the time I would be able to ease off a bit! I went to my first ever Boxercise class on Thursday run by the lovely Adrijana. I really enjoy her boot camps and thought I would give this class a go. I was not disappointed at all. We were outside on a warm evening and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I didn’t feel any pain at the time although got quite breathless at times but throughout the next day I began to hurt!

There is part of me that likes hurting as you know that you have done some good. I should have been expecting it as I have not done much weight work, or even cross training as running is just so easy to fit into my life. This did show that I need a more varied program. If you have the answer then please let me know – I would love to know.

See here for my totals this week. (Not great but I did do Boxercise!)

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