What happened to the weather?

My friend and I very bravely set off on a 9 mile run this afternoon. It was the only time we could fit it in. We have both been ill and so just wanted to get some miles under our belt. It was drizzling when we set off but we wouldn’t let that stop us. Had we seen the weather that greeted us just around the corner we may have thought twice! We live near the fens – the route we chose took us out into the fens on a long, straight and very exposed road. The wind got up and was blowing ice-cold rain drops into our faces. We focussed on the end when we would turn a corner away from the head on wind (only 2 miles!) It did get a bit better and we bravely continued. It was fine until we got to the last 2 miles when the wind hit us as a cross wind and the temperature had dropped a few degrees (about 5 I believe). The rain also turned to sleet. I was so cold that I wasn’t sure how I was going to get home. We did however and completed the desired distance which we were both delighted about despite being frozen. I was so cold that when I got in the shower my legs were bright red and wouldn’t register that I had warm water blasting at them. Not very pleasant at all – I thought that those days were behind us. Yesterday I had been outside in the garden in a jumper! Oh well such is the weather in England. Trying to be a bit more positive for a moment I now have confidence that I can finish my half marathon next week as I had some miles left in my legs although I am not sure about the time.

I love to hear your thoughts and views.

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