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Comfortably Hard

My plan says 3 miles at tempo pace for today. Not my favourite as it means working hard and running just out of my comfort zone or “comfortably hard”. As far as I am concerned those two words do not belong together at all. To top it all off the weather was foggy.

Luckily for me I realised that the club run tonight was a 5k timed run. Perfect. I knew that I would try harder and keep going for longer at a harder pace with other people around than on my own so I opted for this option.

The timed runs at club are sort of handicapped with the slower runners setting off first and the fastest last. There were 4 in my group. When we set off I quickly went to the front but then immediately realised that this was maybe not the best idea as setting off too fast ends in tears. I slowed down a bit. After a bit one man went off. I tried to keep with him and did quite well.

Each mile seemed to go on forever, so long that I began to wonder if my watch had gone wrong and wasn’t going to buzz at each mile. But it did….it just took it’s time. About half way I began to catch the group in front of me which really spurred me on (it is nice to have someone to aim for). I was then promptly over taken myself!

During the last mile I really began to struggle. I kept trying to relax and forget how far I had to go. Luckily the final stretch is downhill which was just as well as I was very reliant on gravity at this point. I had a lot of people over taking here and was literally hanging on for dear life.

I came 18th out of 40 something runners which I was pleased with and the time on my watch showed 26.31 for the 5k. This is really close to my personal best which I achieved in the summer. I also didn’t slow down that much however I felt: mile 1 was 8.27, mile 2 was 8.29 and mile 3: 8.42. Not bad splits at all. My heart rate is another story however – it got up to 172 which for me is extremely high. Even the average of 160 is higher than normal (my easy run on Friday had an average of 139!) I was definitely working hard.

I hope this is true!

Yes it hurt but I feel really pleased for doing it. That is the thing with running – once it is over you feel glad you have done it. I could so easily have found an excuse to stop. No pain no gain!


Another PB!

After last weeks confidence booster of Cambridge half marathon I was on a roll. Tuesday’s club session was the 5k handicap. I had absolutely no aches from Sunday and knew that I needed to keep on moving although a 5k ‘race’ was not the best run to start the week with. On my arrival a few eyebrows were raised.

The rules of the 5k are that if you run fast then you run in that group. The last time I got was 25.56. So despite being just 4 minutes away from 26 minutes it meant that I still had to run in the 25 minute group. I tried to appeal and say that I wanted to take it easy but they were having none of it.

Consequently I ended up with another pb – 25.51. I know, just 5 secs but I was taking it easy.  Hmmmm. It seems that I am just too competitive.

I had a sports massage booked for Weds and surprisingly my legs are not in too much of a mess. Other than that I had a rest on Weds. Thursday was another club run. 5.32 miles at an average pace of 9.03 minute miles and Friday I biked to work.

I had thought that I would have a rest on Saturday but then I panicked that I needed to run a few more miles as there would be no long run on Sunday due to the last cross-country of the season. I ended up doing 6 so-called easy miles with a good friend through sharp showers. The average pace was 9.37. Not exactly the pace I was after (a bit fast) but pleased to get the miles done.

As said before, Sunday was the last race of the season at a beautiful park:

The daffodils were stunning. The run was no-where near as bad as last months – very muddy and therefore slippery and a bit undulating as opposed to hilly. I did feel that my legs were a bit tired after all the work they have done recently but I did manage to keep running throughout it. 5.76 miles at an average pace of 9.45 which wasn’t at all bad. I am just grateful that I didn’t fall over! What a way to spend Mother’s Day!

To finish a few facts for you:

Last month I ran a total of 112.83 miles which took 18 hours and 19 mins.

I biked 29.77 miles which took me 2.55 minutes!



Park Run

Saturday mornings at this time of year are spent standing in a field whilst the youngsters play football. This week however there was no match for my eldest. Having recently been chosen to participate in an inter-school cross country I thought that it was probably time for us to run our first park run together.

I have run one, once before. Saturday mornings are not the best time in our house but I love the idea of them. I love that they are free and that they are open to all runners of all ages and abilities. Miloton park

Our local park run takes place in a country park which is based around old brick pits or quarries. It is not a huge park so the 5k run is completed over 3 loops. The scenery is lovely should you have the energy to look and enjoy it, especially this last weekend as the trees are in their last throws of autumnal beauty.

My son is quite nervous in new situations and despite having shown him where we would finish he was not that keen to go off on his own. He was bound to be faster than me!

Milton park run

As it was his first ‘event’ we started at the back to give him time to get used to it without being felt as if he was being too pressurized. True to form however, once we had done about half a mile he sprinted off into the distance leaving me plodding along in my own time. I didn’t see him again despite his bright orange top!

Yes he beat me, by over 2 minutes in the end. I was not surprised and was actually pleased with my own performance being run at an average of 8.50.

I am not sure if I am going to repeat the exercise again – I fear that he may beat me more comprehensively the next time!