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A Pocket Teddy!

Following my last couple of forays into the world of amugurami  (here and here) and the relative interest in it on my Facebook page I had an idea. One that would hopefully be popular and be closer to my jewellery……I would make mini amugurami! Easy – quick, cheap and perfect for key rings etc. In theory!
In actual fact it took me AT LEAST twice as long if not more to make this:


This one gives a better idea of scale!

In addition it was fiddly and the finishing off (weaving in all the ends etc) a nightmare. He is however very popular with my children so I was correct about one aspect – they would be popular. It is not, however an avenue I shall be exploring any more. I have had a go, learnt my lesson and now move on! (For the record I partly blame Fiddly Fingers as she made a lovely mini teddy and made it look gorgeous. No moaning on her post so either I am a wimp or I am rubbish at it!)


He was quickly nabbed by my son and put into his pocket (any guesses where he got his name?)!


As always I am linking up with Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour. I know that I always suggest that you come and have a look too but I wanted to underline this fact by telling you that so many of the people who take part are published in magazines, books participating as ‘headline acts ‘ at fairs etc. It is more like mixing with royalty than catching up on blogs. It is really lovely when ‘someone you know’ pops up in something you are reading. It really feels really special, as well of course  a great honour as you have been learning from them for a while before they have shared their knowledge to a wider and different audience. If you are one of those people who are reading this, you know who you are, I would like to say thank you for sharing a bit of your journey with me 🙂

I hope that you all have a great week and that spring will stay for a little bit longer this time around. 🙂


You may remember a couple of weeks ago I was saying that I had a project I was doing that needed a lot of knitting? I was unable to share this project with you because it was a test knit – I was testing it before it became a published pattern.

So what is a test knit?

It is what it says on the tin. Testing to make sure that the pattern works. I suppose it is a bit like proof reading. You knit the pattern in the hope that you pick up on any small mistakes there are. When you are writing something important you check it, review it and check it over numerous times. Unfortunately this is no guarantee that there are no mistakes lurking in there somewhere. You are so familiar with it that your brain doesn’t recognise any mistakes anymore. There are ‘Tech Editors’ that will check patterns for you but some people still like people to test their patterns. It is also a way to get your object knitted in a different colour without having to knit it yourself.

So what do I get from it?

Usually you get the pattern for free (yes I am a bit of a cheep skate) and you get the garment to keep. You also get the experience of knitting things that you may not normally knit thus expanding your repertoire. This test knit taught me that there are a few differences between UK and US knitting terms – something that I had not realised before.

So what is it?

Well …it will be a beautiful shawl. Unfortunately I was unable to meet the deadline of this project – it was last Sunday but I had knitted enough to get a good idea of the pattern and was able to give the lovely designer some feedback. Even more unfortunate is that it is still not finished. I really hate to let people down but this is one knit that is taking longer than usual to knit up. That said it will be so worth it.

This will block out and stretch out much more giving the pattern much more definition.

This will block out and stretch out much more giving the pattern much more definition.

It is a beautiful lacy pattern and lovely to knit with enough interest to keep it interesting. The cast on was a new one for me and one that I love. It gives a beautiful edging without going back and adding one later.

© Christina Loman, 2013

See isn’t it gorgeous? You can see the lovely edge on the left and the way that it blocks out beautifully. Should you wish to knit it (and who wouldn’t?) you can get the pattern from here. If you would like to read more about it then see the blog post here. On the blog you will also be able to see more of her amazing patterns.

Test Knit number 2

Well crochet to be exact. This week I was a little distracted and offered to test an amugurami pattern for Joanne (notsogranny). This was a quick, easy project and very fun to make:

cute isn't he?

cute isn’t he?

He started out as a rabbit – then a bear. Finally he turned into a mouse.

See, I even did a tail!

See, I even did a tail!

I have to say that I can really see how this could become really addictive. I shall definitely be making others!

The really interesting and unexpected thing about this happened when I put a picture of him on my Facebook page on Friday night. It has turned out to be my most popular update ever. I have 58 lovely followers to whom I am very grateful for their interest. This got 220 views!! When I put the tail view on, that one got 109! Completely amazing. I have no idea why except that he is obviously cute. Thanks to Joanne for her pattern!

So you see that testing things is a great way to have a go at new techniques as well as a few unexpected benefits too. I recommend it to anyone.

Yet again it is a cold, snowy evening – perfect for snuggling up and having a good old read of lots of amazing blogs. Do follow me over to Handmade Harbour and have a look – there is not a lot else to do is there?

Hope you all have a lovely week. Thanks for visiting 🙂