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I truly believe that after today I can be called this as I have cycled and run in arctic winds and snow.

No snow or ice.

I got up this morning and was very relieved to see that there was no snow on the ground or falling from the sky. There wasn’t even any frost really. My mind was made up – I would bike. It wasn’t long after setting off before I realised that it was actually beginning to rain. As I carried on I thought that maybe there was some sleet but I convinced myself that this was how rain looked in the dim early half light.

No ignoring it

Unfortunately it got heavier and there was no hiding from the fact that it was actually snowing. Biking in snow is not nice, I had to keep my head down as the snow hurt my face. Someone asked me if I turned home but that thought never even crossed my mind. That is how hard core this girl is!  During the morning the snow eased off. At lunchtime however I heard the tell tale pitter patter of rain on the roof. I couldn’t believe it. I hung around as long as I could but finally gave in and set off in the rain again. At least it was not snow.

Gale force winds?

What I hadn’t banked on was the strong arctic wind. There were times when I was seriously worried that I would be blown off my bike. Luckily I wasn’t but it wasn’t a pleasant bike ride home.

More snow

As I was ferrying my children around to various clubs tonight it was snowing and I was seriously cold, even in my nice thick coat and jumpers. Not really the weather I fancied running in but a date is a date. I put on 2 pairs of leggings, a short sleeved top, a long sleeved top and a shower proof coat as well as gloves and ear muff. I was not going to be cold……

….and I wasn’t 🙂 I enjoyed a nice easy 5 mile jog with friends. Very chuffed and pleased with myself. In total today I have done 90 mins of exercise today. I think my legs may well feel it tomorrow. My son wants to bike with me but I want to stay warm tomorrow. I wonder who will win?